Saturday, June 20, 2009


The Big Bad Blogger Challenge was very inspiring to me. It was fun to add some more personal perspective on Second Life rather than just talking about places to visit in world.

Being in SL for over two years now, gives me a greater perspective on how everyone experiences this vast world in different ways. Personally, I like drawing on the expertise of others. Because we all have taken different paths, we have a different set of knowledge. For example, let's look at building. Is all building the same? No. Someone who builds jewelry is an expert on creating tiny prims and setting them up in line for necklaces, etc. I build furniture and household goods. Until recently, I never created a tiny prim. Now I'm attending classes with some friends to expand our knowledge since we all have our own niche.

Having some touch with the business, educational, library, and social sides of SL, let's me see how different one's experiences can be. Someone who comes in world to mainly teach or take a class usually lacks in social knowledge and building skills in SL.

I know I have a lot more to learn in this large virtual world. So, let's continue our voyage through SL and learn together.


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