Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Is SL just a game? How do we treat others in SL?

My Dear Friends,

It has been a rough week in SL for me. Isn't SL supposed to be fun? It makes me think of the question we often hear... "Is SL just a game?"

My answer is definitely a shout of "No!" Sure there are "games" you can play in SL such as the role play sims. But, SL is not just a "game."

SL is a virtual world where every avie has a real life human being behind the keyboard with real life feelings. At it's most basic level, SL is a chat room with visuals. It is a place to meet people from all over the world and socialize whether it's in the form of sitting and talking or exploring beautiful parts of SL together or dancing together and listening to live music.

I love making new friends on SL, and I do consider them friends. I'm actually interacting and talking with the human behind the keyboard even if it is through our cartoon avatars.

So, why is it so easy to get hurt and hurt someone else on SL? I have pondered this question a lot. I think one of the big answers is that even though you are interacting with someone they are faceless. You have never walked up to them in real life and looked them in the eyes. I think our feelings in SL are intense also because there are no real life prejudices holding us back. All we see is the perfection of our avies not the feelings and compassion in the eyes of the person behind the keyboard.

How should we treat our friends in SL? Well, my suggestions are simple:

1) Be honest. Even if you think honesty is not what the other person wants to hear, honesty will bond your friendship closer in the end.

2) Treat someone in SL with the same respect you would treat them with in real life. An example that I hear a lot, would you really marry someone and then go back and tell an active boyfriend or girlfriend that you married someone else? Somehow, I think most people would tell them first.

I hold my close friends dear to my heart. And, if our friendship is close enough, it transcends SL into real life... because, after all, my avie is me.

Love & Hugs,

Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Puzzle of a Pyramid

Playing games inside SL can be fun. If you are a fan of Myst and Riven, you're going to like this one. Jungle Fever Pyramid is in the middle of a tropical setting, and it makes you use a little brain power to get through the pyramid.

When you arrive, let everything rezz around you before proceeding. At your feet you will find a clipboard with some expedition notes which are clues to get through the pyramid. Walk to the the top of the pyramid. The entrance is up there. Walk into the pyramid and start your expedition through the mazes of the pyramid.

Inside you will find obstacles to get through, clues that will help you, and puzzles to solve which will eventually get you out of the pyramid.

One hint... the ceilings are kind of low. Use mouselook or move your camera in a little towards your avie to see.

Have fun! Let me know if you solve everything and make it through.

To visit the Jungle Fever Pyramid, CLICK HERE. (Reasonable Desires 95, 128, 27)