Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tempura Island - A Romantic Oasis

Tempura Island is a serene, romantic oasis beautifully landscaped with rich, vivid colors. The teleport point is in a large, ornate open domed gazebo type structure which is beautifully textured with vibrant mosaic tiles. You immediately know you are in a special place.

Facing the walkway, you have a beautiful summer forest on your left and a vibrantly colored fall forest on the right. There are little nooks and crannies speckled throughout the sim for solitude and relaxing or spending quiet time with a special someone.

Following the pathway will take you to the palace. Opening the doors to the grandeur of the ballroom makes you feel like royalty. Dance balls are placed throughout the floor and a couple's dance ball emitter is also available. The palace also has private rooms and an underground that has cozy nooks.

Don't miss the submarine next to the palace. The decor is reminiscent of the old luxury railway cars. It's absolutely beautiful.

An entrance near the submarine takes you through an under water tunnel. The tunnel leads you to an under water oasis complete with a gazebo and fish swimming around you.

The quite nooks around this sim are too many to detail here. Walk around and find some special places to enjoy yourself. The island is a very popular place; therefore I encountered lag while there. But, it is definitely worth fighting any lag to see this gorgeous place.

To visit Tempura Island, CLICK HERE. (Tempura Island 125, 45, 33)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year... New Ideas

With the coming of the New Year, I've put a plan in place to reinvent Effie's Designs. In preparation for the new store, I have put a huge Clearance Sale and Yard Sale on the beach at Effie's. Also included are sections of Freebies and Dollarbies.
To visit the sale, CLICK HERE. (Midnight Oasis 78, 198, 22)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Burlesque - Spice up your New Year!

I'm feeling a bit adventurous in the New Year. I was looking for masks for a masked ball this weekend and kept running into Burlesque outfits. Although a bit skimpy, some of them are quite beautiful as well. So, here it is ladies.... a few places to find Burlesque outfits in SL.

Reasonable Desires

To visit Reasonable Desires, CLICK HERE. (Reasonable Desires 132, 205, 27)

(Burlesque and Show Girl)

To visit Mika, CLICK HERE. (Venus 190, 230, 27)

OPIUM Addictive Fashion

To visit Opium, CLICK HERE. (Celerio 42, 151, 46)

Paeoti doesn't name her clothing lines Burlesque, but I love her elegant, sexy outfits. I would call some of them Burlesque. :-)

To visit Nymphetamine, CLICK HERE. (Isle of Nymphetamine 138, 154, 24)