Friday, July 25, 2008

Real Prim Toes!!!

This may seem odd for me to get excited about, but avie feet aren't exactly beautiful. Ladies, I have found the answer thanks to a friend of mine, Sarah - real prim toes in shoes!

I was so amazed to see the beautifully manicured toes and had to have them. So, I went to J's in Tsukishima. You can purchase one pair of shoes or purchase a whole pack of the available colors. They currently have 4 styles of shoes. Here is a pic of them:

You can click on the toes to get a menu. The menu has nail color and toe ring options.

Ladies, get your beautiful toes!

To visit J's, CLICK HERE. (TSUKISHIMA 205, 233, 22)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Paris 1900 - Not Just in the Springtime

Paris 1900 brings back memories for me. It was one of the first sims I visited, and it is where I met a close friend that is still a close friend today.

The teleport point for Paris 1900 is in a subway. A subway train sits behind you waiting for its passengers. The subway is decorated with posters, art work and a bench. The sculpture is of a graffiti artist. How appropriate for a subway.

To get to the surface, walk through the tunnel in front of you. You will get notice that you need to read the rules and accept them to visit. It's a private sim. Basically, no nudity, no politics, no unauthorized solicitation, and proper behavior are required. Click the button "The rules" on the blue box, and you will receive a copy of the rules. Then to continue, click "I agree."

As you emerge out of the subway, standing in grand style in front of you is the Moulin Rouge. The entrance is a place to pick up a few souvenirs and browse old photographic memorabilia. Just past the entrance is an information board. Click the board to receive historical information such as "Moulin Rouge (French for "red mill") (48°53′3″N, 2°19′56″E) is a traditional cabaret, built in 1889 by Joseph Oller who already owned the Paris Olympia."

The large elephant stands in the courtyard. To get to the staircase, go around the back side of the elephant. Inside is a romantic room to spend time with your sweetie. You can also travel to the top of the elephant and sit on the top platform.

The interior of the Moulin Rouge is stunning in rich burgundy and gold decor. Quaint dinner tables line both sides with comfortable seating on the balconies. The stage is the focal point of the interior also draped in burgundy and gold. Dance balls hover over the dance floor and plenty of couple dances speckle the floor.

Walking down the streets of Paris 1900, you will see a museum, a cafe, period cars, information kiosks, and lots of shopping. Shopping lines the streets especially down the Champs-Élysées. I discovered one of my favorite stores while in Paris.

At the end of the Champs-Élysées is the arched landmark we know well that highlights the area - the Arc de Triomphe. The tomb of France's Unknown Soldier is sheltered underneath the arch. Its eternal flame commemorates the dead of the two world wars. The left front "leg" of the arch has a room inside it with a teleport to the top.

Walking straight down the street of Champs-Élysées will take you to the most famous landmark in Paris - La Tour Eiffel. Otherwise known to the Engish-speaking world as the Eiffel Tower. The base of the tower is surrounded by gardens with sculptures. In the center garden is a topiary arrow which is a teleport to the first viewing platform. Once there, you will find another teleport to the top of the tower.

A trip to Paris 1900 is not complete until you have skydived off the Eiffel Tower. At the top of the tower, you will find a plank with a box giving out free parachutes. In your inventory it is called a Terra E-Chute. Wear it and then jump off the tower. Use your arrows to control where you fall.

Walk through the streets of Paris 1900 (because there is no flying) and enjoy it's beauty!

To visit Paris 1900, CLICK HERE. (Paris 1900 8, 172, 16)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Live Music @ Piano Bar and more!

I discovered one of the most quaint and richly decorated live music venues in SL - the Piano Bar.

The venue is small; however, doesn't feel cramped. The size lends itself to the term "cozy." It's upscale decor in rich velvet red and marble makes me feel like I step back in time when I walk in. Back in time to the days of men in suits and tuxedos and ladies in elegant gowns. Although, formal dress is not required at the Piano Bar.

The Piano Bar has a usual weekly line up of (of course, check the events schedule for any changes and updates):

FabioDC Mayo - Friday's 12 pm

RosedropRust - Saturday's 12 pm

Therese Nightfire - Sunday's 12 pm

Sylar Morrisey- Sunday's 2 pm

Stella Silvansky - Sunday's 5 pm

You can either dance or cuddle with that special someone while listening to some great live music. I honestly think that some clubs "miss the boat" on that one. Sometimes avies just want to sit and listen.

While you are in the area check out Kadriya Cathedral. The cathedral is right next to the TP point. Click the gates to open them or you can jump over the fence like I did. (I know, so graceful :-) The cathedral is a beautiful Gothic church. The organ is a centerpiece towering the height of the interior. Of course, Shorne Destiny has great taste in all the decor in his properties, so it is no surprise that the organ is a masterpiece of Baron Grayson's.

If you continue east, you'll find yourself in the castle courtyard. The gate to the courtyard is phantom, so you can just walk through it. Shorne has taken great care in the detail of the area right down to the cat that roams the courtyard. The castle is the Kadriya Art Exibition. Click the castle door to enter. Roam the torch lit hallways admiring the art pieces. My favorites were the pictures Shorne took of himself.

Visit the Piano Bar for the music and stay and explore a while.

To visit the Piano Bar, CLICK HERE. (CASSARAH 131, 223, 696)

Party @ Effie's Designs - Romance on the Beach

Everyone is invited to this month's big party!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bellestar Region

3:00- 5:00 pm SLT

DJ Jocelyn Sands
Spins Ballads from the 1980s
at Red's Club
CLICK HERE to go to the party. (BelleStar 178, 205, 21)

5:00 - 6:00 pm SLT

Lyn Carlberg - LIVE!!!!
The smooth voice of Lyn Carlberg will begin the evening. Lyn comes
to us from Wales, land of song, dragons and rugby. His musical
tastes are varied from British and American traditional folk styles,
through Dylan, Neil Young, Paul Simon and Eva Cassidy to Celtic
classics. Lyn also does requests and dedications. He specializes in
romantic ballads.
at Effie's Designs
CLICK HERE to go to the party. (BelleStar 112, 224, 21)

6:00 - 7:00 pm SLT

Sylar Morissey - LIVE!!!!
The wonderful voice of Sylar Morrisey will continue the evening.
Singer/Songwriter Sylar Morrisey plays feel good songs for the
happy go lucky of SL. With a vibrant set of both originals and cover
songs... you'll be sure to hear something you enjoy! Come on in and
enjoy some acoustic rock! Set list snipits include: Last Dance with
Mary Jane, Hey There Delilah, Hang, Crash, Through, Let Her Cry,
Don't Want to Love You... and more!

CLICK HERE to go to the party. (BelleStar 112, 224, 21)