Saturday, June 30, 2007

Nymphetamine Boutique - Clothing With Elegant Richness

Within the first couple of weeks in SL, I ended up in a region that I did not mean to wander into. However, I met an avie that suggested the Siren's Grotto for a clothes shopping expedition. Anxious to get out of the area, I searched for the region. There I found the Nymphetamine Boutique. Nymphetamine is now in it's own sim, Isle of Nymphetamine, which is elegant and fitting to the boutique.

When you arrive on the Isle of Nymphetamine you are surrounded by tall columns dripping with moss and lush plant life. You rez on a bridge that takes you straight to the front door of the Nymphetamine Boutique. It's like finding a jewel in a mystical swamp. The building itself is awesome - a large structure with middle-eastern type domes protruding the roof line. It's done in rich colors with plant life everywhere. A large porch greets you and ushers you into a large foyer area.

The floors of the boutique are amazing. Transparency is used to create a glossy look that gives you the impression you are seeing the reflection of everything on top of the floors. The foyer is larger than the porch. As you walk in the center door a waterfall and garden landscape meet your eyes first. On both the left and right sides of the foyer are listings for new items. The foyer also holds a Subscribe-A-Matic to join the mailing list for the Nyphetamine Boutique and information on how to purchase gift certificates. Right in the middle of the foyer is a teleport to make access to the second floor easy.

The main floor of the boutique is basically a big square. Clothing is listed in categories around the square. You will encounter the following categories clockwise around the building:
  • Lingerie & Silks
  • Leather
  • Casual & Dresses
  • Costume & Theme Wear
The second floor has Formal Attire on one end and Wedding Attire on the other end.

The boutique is full of elegant and classy attire. You can also find items ranging to extremely sexy depending on your taste.

When you are done shopping, don't leave the sim yet. Discover the beauty of the sim. Paeoti Pomeray has created a beautiful grotto with animals. You may come across monkeys, turtles, alligators, and other animals. Navigating through the sim can be done by foot, air, hot air balloon, or water swan. Hidden away on the isle is a beautiful lagoon with sparkling blue water and dolphins swimming around. The lagoon includes a transparent dance floor over the lagoon, two waterfall scenes at both far sides, and two gazebos overhead connected by a hanging wooden bridge. The areas have helpful pose balls, including dancing and cuddling balls, and the gazebos include a romantic dining area for two. It helps to have good camera or flying skills here to get from niche to niche. Around the bay area near the boutique you'll find other romantic niches. Explore.

To enjoy the Isle of Nymphetamine, CLICK HERE (Isle of Nymphetamine 138, 154, 24)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Persephone: A Romantic Place

Looking for that special, romantic place to cuddle and talk with a friend? Persephone Designs and Lovers Island Resort is the perfect place to explore. As words cannot very well describe the beautiful places in SL, Persephone is no different. The gorgeous architecture is reminiscent of greek and roman; however, for lack of a better description, I'm going to settle on "romantic architecture."

The many walkways, arches, and gazebos peek out through lush, green gardens and colorful flowers and flowering trees. Of course, any beautiful landscape in SL would be incomplete without well-designed water features such as lakes, rivers, streams, and waterfalls. Persephone has plenty of those too. The island, of course, is surrounded by a lake, streams meander through the landscape, and a grand waterfall is a focal point next to the castle.

There are many couches and benches throughout Persephone that include many pose balls. So finding that "perfect" setting to sit and chat shouldn't be very difficult. And, if you choose to go beyond romance to "sexy pixels," options are throughout the island for you, too.

When arriving in Persephone, you arrive at a large "parthenon-like" structure that sits high upon the island. The structure contains a dance floor and fountains. I've seen this structure set up for weddings in the past. It's the perfect place for a wedding.

The island has it's own transport system to take you quickly from one part of the island to another. The teleport pads, which are round disks with an orange glow, are scattered throughout Persephone. When you click on the teleport pad and wait a second or two, a menu will appear. The menu gives you several location options:

1... Persephone Designs (View and buy pre-built homes)
2... Skyway (Transparent walkway above the island)
3... Castle
4... Hanging Gardens (Planter-like garden area hanging over the island)
5... Lovers' Bluff (Gazebo with couches and fireplace)
6... Lake Persephone
7... Theater
8... Lovers' Cove (Secluded area with a picnic blanket set up)
9... Castaway Club (Dance club and beach)
10... Dock
11... Castle Dungeon (BDSM)

Once you make a location selection, an orange beam will come up out of the teleport pad. Click on the beam and you will be transported. Occasionally, when I visit Persephone, the teleport pads seem to not work. If they don't, don't worry. Persephone is also a great place to explore on foot. There are many romantic "nooks and crannies" to explore.

The castle is a whole adventure on it's own. The castle consists of many levels and has couches throughout with lots of pose balls to sit, relax and chat. If you want to be king or queen for a moment, find the king's and queen's chairs and have a seat. The castle has a bedroom with amenities. The top level is a bath/pool area with pose balls to enjoy.

To visit Persephone Designs and Lovers Island Resort, CLICK HERE. (Persephone 169, 94, 54)

Friday, June 8, 2007

Svarga... A Virtual Ecosystem

On the surface, Svarga is a beautiful place full of mountains, waterfalls, trees, lush plant life, winding paths, fountains and lots of places to explore.

When you arrive at Svarga, you appear in a gazebo-like structure. When you walk down the stairs, out of the gazebo a tour vehicle will be waiting. The vehicle flies you over Svarga and gives you a first-hand look at what the island has to offer. At the end of the tour, your vehicle returns you to the gazebo. A pyramid teleport is on the railing of the gazebo that will transport you to the store in the center of the island.

In the center of the main island is a huge temple-like structure. It towers high into the sky with large spires and connecting walkways. The store is located on the main level of the structure. The store includes things like sunglasses, particle puffs, garden items, fountains, and sky domes.

Outside the door is a call button for an AmbiPod. Click the button and after a few seconds a vehicle will show up in the doorway. Sit in the AmbiPod and click. It will transport you to a space-like sensory light show. When you sit on the ground, your avie lies down on the floating carpet of purple and blue lights. If you go into mouselook mode, you can watch the mesmerizing light show unfold before you. When you are ready to leave, there is another call button for the AmbiPod.

Svarga has many other places to explore, too. There is a large relic looking structure on the grounds. It's nice place to explore or just sit and chat with someone. A building on the grounds houses musical instruments. You can get a few friends together and musically experiment. There is a beautiful field in Svarga full of lavender or violets. In the center of the field are large mushrooms and as you step into the field, the flowers start to spring up all around you. While exploring, I even fell (yes, literally fell) into an underground cave furnished with a couch and chair.

Throughout Svarga you can buy bird seed and feed the birds. When you throw the seed down, the birds come and eat your seeds. It only costs L$1.

Beneath the surface, Svarga is a fully functioning virtual ecosystem. In other words, the system behaves as if it was alive. The clouds blow in the virtual winds. The plant life soaks up water from the rain the clouds provide. The sun gives energy for the plant life to grow. The bees distribute pollen. When pollinated the plants drop seeds. Areas are designated as conditions such as shady or wet. Laukosargas Svarog built the system to be all interdependent.

To visit Svarga, CLICK HERE. (Svarga 7,124,22)

Monday, June 4, 2007

Quiet, Beautiful Reflections

Imagine being surrounded by lush tropical gardens, waterfalls, and tranquil streams in a peaceful, romantic area. In SL you don't have to imagine. You can visit there today. I just recently discovered Secret Reflections and Midnight Reflections. Both locations are nocturnal meaning they are dark 24/7. To see more, you can force the sun; however, the ambiance of the darkness adds greatly to the quietness and romantic quality of the two areas.

Visit either location to enjoy exploring, relaxation and romance.

Secret Reflections:
Secret Reflections is a huge gorgeous cave full of beautiful gardens, towering waterfalls, and romantic "nooks and crannies." As you wind your way through the paths, a large staircase will lead up to the top. A large forest and lake are on top of the cave. The forest if full of wildlife including butterflies and environmental sounds.

The forest also contains necessities for romance. You will find pose balls throughout the forest as well as paradise blankets. Sit on the paradise blankets and click them. They will give you options for locations (sky boxes) and the type of private scene you would like to appear (camping, school house, castle, cafe, etc.). The blankets are hidden throughout the area, so you will need to look for them.

To visit Secret Reflections CLICK HERE (Secret Reflections 126, 122, 40)

Midnight Reflections:

Midnight Reflections continues the beauty of the water features, wildlife, and environmental sounds like Secret Reflections. Midnight Reflections is a large lake surrounded by large cliffs with walkways encompassing them. As you tour the walkways you will discover private caves with romantic tools such as "sexy blankets" and pose balls. You will also find a couple tree houses on the top of the cliffs will similar amenities.

To visit Midnight Reflections CLICK HERE (Midnight Reflections 62, 128, 25)

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Purple Rose Jewelry & More

NOTE: When visiting Purple Rose Jewelry & More on 6/7/2007, the store had be reorganized. All of the jewelry is now on the main floor with men's to the right. The jewelry is still in categories to aid in locating items. Non-jewelry items like hair and makeover packages are on the second level.

Most girls like "bling." So, it's not surprising that within the first week of my Second Life I discovered a really great jewelry store, Purple Rose Jewelry & More. Purple Rose is in Babeli and owned by Storm Babeli. Storm does a great job of encompassing almost everything in jewelry one would need (or want).

The women's section of Purple Rose has three floors. You will find the new items and prize chair on the first floor. The prize chair is tucked behind the staircase. Also by the prize chair is a sign that states... "Like this place? Add us to your picks for a free entry into our weekly prize draw." Follow the directions, and you have a chance at winning $1000 Gift Certificate at Purple Rose. It works, too! I won the first time I visited the store.

The jewelry is well categorized for easy shopping. Some of the categories you'll find are:
Belly Jewelry
Head Bands & Arm Bands
Bracelets & Watches
Birthstone Sets
No Bling Items
Legends Collection

Featured sets are posted all along the middle area of the store around the staircase. A lot of these sets are absolutely gorgeous. You'll also find a few tiaras included in sets, so you can look like the princess that you are.

Purple Rose also has some great things other than jewelry. A pair of my favorite shoes were purchased here. The shoes have the ability to change color, so I can coordinate them with almost any outfit I own. You'll also find tatoos, body types, makeover packages, and hair. The makeover packages include things like a body shape, jewelry, shoes, contact and an outfit all in one package. I think it's a great idea especially for newbies to change their look while they are still "learning the ropes."

In most places in SL, I think that men get overlooked. Sometimes it's more difficult for men to find accessories. However, Purple Rose has a two-floor building dedicated to men. On the men's side you'll find:

Spikes & Piercings
Flag Necklaces

As a last note, if you have found that "special someone" in Second Life, Purple Rose also has bridal sets to meet that need.

To visit Purple Roase Jewelry & More CLICK HERE. (Babeli 141,186,23)