Monday, June 4, 2007

Quiet, Beautiful Reflections

Imagine being surrounded by lush tropical gardens, waterfalls, and tranquil streams in a peaceful, romantic area. In SL you don't have to imagine. You can visit there today. I just recently discovered Secret Reflections and Midnight Reflections. Both locations are nocturnal meaning they are dark 24/7. To see more, you can force the sun; however, the ambiance of the darkness adds greatly to the quietness and romantic quality of the two areas.

Visit either location to enjoy exploring, relaxation and romance.

Secret Reflections:
Secret Reflections is a huge gorgeous cave full of beautiful gardens, towering waterfalls, and romantic "nooks and crannies." As you wind your way through the paths, a large staircase will lead up to the top. A large forest and lake are on top of the cave. The forest if full of wildlife including butterflies and environmental sounds.

The forest also contains necessities for romance. You will find pose balls throughout the forest as well as paradise blankets. Sit on the paradise blankets and click them. They will give you options for locations (sky boxes) and the type of private scene you would like to appear (camping, school house, castle, cafe, etc.). The blankets are hidden throughout the area, so you will need to look for them.

To visit Secret Reflections CLICK HERE (Secret Reflections 126, 122, 40)

Midnight Reflections:

Midnight Reflections continues the beauty of the water features, wildlife, and environmental sounds like Secret Reflections. Midnight Reflections is a large lake surrounded by large cliffs with walkways encompassing them. As you tour the walkways you will discover private caves with romantic tools such as "sexy blankets" and pose balls. You will also find a couple tree houses on the top of the cliffs will similar amenities.

To visit Midnight Reflections CLICK HERE (Midnight Reflections 62, 128, 25)

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