Saturday, June 30, 2007

Nymphetamine Boutique - Clothing With Elegant Richness

Within the first couple of weeks in SL, I ended up in a region that I did not mean to wander into. However, I met an avie that suggested the Siren's Grotto for a clothes shopping expedition. Anxious to get out of the area, I searched for the region. There I found the Nymphetamine Boutique. Nymphetamine is now in it's own sim, Isle of Nymphetamine, which is elegant and fitting to the boutique.

When you arrive on the Isle of Nymphetamine you are surrounded by tall columns dripping with moss and lush plant life. You rez on a bridge that takes you straight to the front door of the Nymphetamine Boutique. It's like finding a jewel in a mystical swamp. The building itself is awesome - a large structure with middle-eastern type domes protruding the roof line. It's done in rich colors with plant life everywhere. A large porch greets you and ushers you into a large foyer area.

The floors of the boutique are amazing. Transparency is used to create a glossy look that gives you the impression you are seeing the reflection of everything on top of the floors. The foyer is larger than the porch. As you walk in the center door a waterfall and garden landscape meet your eyes first. On both the left and right sides of the foyer are listings for new items. The foyer also holds a Subscribe-A-Matic to join the mailing list for the Nyphetamine Boutique and information on how to purchase gift certificates. Right in the middle of the foyer is a teleport to make access to the second floor easy.

The main floor of the boutique is basically a big square. Clothing is listed in categories around the square. You will encounter the following categories clockwise around the building:
  • Lingerie & Silks
  • Leather
  • Casual & Dresses
  • Costume & Theme Wear
The second floor has Formal Attire on one end and Wedding Attire on the other end.

The boutique is full of elegant and classy attire. You can also find items ranging to extremely sexy depending on your taste.

When you are done shopping, don't leave the sim yet. Discover the beauty of the sim. Paeoti Pomeray has created a beautiful grotto with animals. You may come across monkeys, turtles, alligators, and other animals. Navigating through the sim can be done by foot, air, hot air balloon, or water swan. Hidden away on the isle is a beautiful lagoon with sparkling blue water and dolphins swimming around. The lagoon includes a transparent dance floor over the lagoon, two waterfall scenes at both far sides, and two gazebos overhead connected by a hanging wooden bridge. The areas have helpful pose balls, including dancing and cuddling balls, and the gazebos include a romantic dining area for two. It helps to have good camera or flying skills here to get from niche to niche. Around the bay area near the boutique you'll find other romantic niches. Explore.

To enjoy the Isle of Nymphetamine, CLICK HERE (Isle of Nymphetamine 138, 154, 24)

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