Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Toast...

It's New Year's Eve and with it brings contemplation over the past year. I'm amazed at where I began the year in Second Life and where I am today. At the beginning of 2008, I was just learning to build and opened my first store. Today, I'm tweaking and expanding my product line, and I have a total of 5 stores in SL and many ad boards.

People have gone in an out of my life. New friends have been made and other friends have walked away. Relationships bring disappointments sometimes, but all of them are a learning experience. Whether it is real life or Second Life, we leave a part of ourselves in the other person's life experiences. I hope in some way I have positively touched everyone I've met along the way.

As we look forward to 2009, I hope all of us have a wonderful year full of new and exciting things!

Happy New Year, my dear friends!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The sounds of Christmas... streaming music on your land

Have you been hearing that wonderful Christmas music being played throughout SL? Want to find URLs to stream holiday music (or any music) on your land? You can get a URL for any SHOUTcast radio station. Here are the directions: (NOTE: You need to have permissions to set media on the land in order to change the URL.)

1. Go to

2. Search for a station you would like.

3. Right click on Tune In button.

4. Choose Save Link As.

5. A Save As dialog box will open allowing you to choose the location to save the file on your computer. Find the location and click Save.

6. Find the file and open it. It will open in Notepad.

7. The URL will be listed in the text. Select it and copy it (CTRL + C).

8. In Second Life make sure you are on your land. On the menu bar at the top of the screen, click on the name of the land.

9. Click on the Media tab.

10. Click on the Music URL box. If something it already in it, select the text.

11. Paste the URL into the box (CTRL + V).

12. Hit Enter.

13. Close the box.

14. Turn your music on at the bottom of the screen and listen to make sure the station changed.

Here is a short list of music URLs I already found:

Mix Christmas:

Big R Radio - Christmas Country:

Christmas R&B:

Christmas Smooth Jazz:

Christmas Celebration:

Christmas Rock:

Santa's HOHOHO Radio' from Time Capsule Radio:

Christmas Old Time Radio - CHRISTMAS SHOWS, Jack Benny, The Shadow, Amos and Andy:

Forever Christmas - Christmas Never Sounded So Good:

Tinsel & Tunes by Mak McKeehan:

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Effie's Winter Wonderland

Wow, it has been a very busy Holiday season. I wanted to take the time today and share a few blog entries with you.

I opened a seasonal store called Effie's Winter Wonderland. It's an store full of items to elegantly decorate your winter wonderland. A step away from the traditional Christmas red and green, the store is full of items in hues of blue. You will also find things to keep you warm like a big roaring bonfire and a cozy fireplace.

To visit Effie's Winter Wonderland, CLICK HERE. (Electra 93, 225, 85)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Interesting Build to Walk Around - Sick

It just seems so appropriate that I find an area in SL called Sick during a week that my RL avie has been so sick. LOL. Sick is made up of 4 sims in SL including S.I.C49. It is a futuristic city that is truly amazing. I have some picks here, but they really don't do the sim justice. You have to see it for yourself! From what I have read, these sims have been created for the setting of an original movie.

Sick isn't the most interactive build in SL, but it is intriguing to walk around. One of the most fascinating builds I have ever seen. The city parts of the build remind me a bit of Blade Runner. There is some shopping themed with the area. I noticed a few weapons stores for those that like to role play. The sims are Japanese owned so most of the signs and information is displayed in Japanese.

Flying is turned off in these sims. I got myself totally lost exploring the sims which I think is a big part of exploring. Even though I didn't encounter much, I read that there are some surprises along the way like manhole covers that explode when you walk over them. I'll have to do some more exploring and check it out.

Take some time and get yourself lost in Sick.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (sick 217, 123, 28)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mmm..good - 7 Days Magic Bakery

I have been stumbling over the most creative and beautiful sims lately. The 7 Days Magic Bakery is definitely one of them. The main RL company is Vivartia. The baked goods and snack brands include 7 Days pastries and breads.

For a corporate based SL presence, I am so impressed with the creativity. The sim is an interactive and multimedia creation with touches that reminds one of a Pixar creation. The background music is reminiscent of some of the lighter music of the Harry Potter films (magical).

Make sure you turn on all your multimedia settings for the sim to get the full effect. If for some reason you can't, the boards that say CC deliver a note card with what the guide is saying to you. You are greeted by Rusty the Customs Bot who clears you for entry into the 7 Days Magical Bakery. He also suggests that you visit the Town Hall next.

Sophia, your tour guide at Town Hall, guides you to the bakery.

Chef Alina and Test Bot 0-X3 greet you at the bakery. They give you instructions to make your own delicious sweet and savory snacks. Sit on the seat of any machine with a green READY sign. The chair will take you to each station. Choose your options first (look at the different buttons and gadgets on the machine) and touch the green GO! button. You will automatically move to the next step.

Once you have made your creation, buy it for L$0. Don't forget to right-click on it and take it with you also.

Tour around the town to see what else is around. You'll find a couple of cafes along the way. An orientation island is being build adjacent to the sim on the SW side. Only a couple of things work there right now.

I found this place absolutely charming!

To visit, CLICK HERE. (7Days Magic Bakery 249, 10, 25)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

We're off to see the wizard...

Somewhere over the rainbow

Way up high,

There's a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby...

You can fly over the rainbow, too! Magic of Oz is a new sim in SL that just opening at the beginning of the month. Many builds on SL are fun, but after being around for a while and becoming a builder myself, it takes a great build to really "wow" me. Well, this was one! The talented builder Jenne Dibou created Magic of Oz.

The owner of the sim, Candy Cerveau, said that she just loved the books and the movie since she was a kid and wanted to do something different for her stores. You'll find that the beautiful "lands" house many stores. Most of them are already full.

When I arrived at the Oz, the Emerald City rezzed right in front of me. Tall, towering emerald gems flank the city. Make sure you let everything rezz before moving on or you might miss something. The yellow brick road will take you to the other areas of Oz.

Discover the twister that landed Dorothy in Oz. The house sits underneath. Put on your ruby slippers and sit on the pose ball to become the witch the house landed on.

The Scarecrow will greet you in the middle of the corn field. There is even another stand so you can keep him company in the field.

Munchkin Land is bright and colorful just like you would imagine it to be. The architecture is reminiscent of Whoville. Lots of curly cues and swooping lines.

The witches castle towers over Oz in it's gloomy magnificence. Although it's not an exact recreation of the castle in the movie, it definitely gives the grandeur of evil complete with flying monkeys.

See the grandeur of Magic of Oz for yourself.

To visit the Magic of Oz, CLICK HERE. (Magic of Oz 125, 145, 28)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

To attend the Halloween Pirate Party, CLICK HERE. (Midnight Oasis 78, 198, 22)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Haunted Houses

Last year I created a long list of Haunted Houses in SL. I went back to visit them and created this list for 2008. Unfortunately, some of last year's creations don't exist anymore, but new ones were also created. The list is in no particular order - discover your favorites. Keep in mind that I don't give you many details because you should enjoy the experience yourself. Enjoy! And, Happy Halloween!

Devils Labyrinth
Visit their website at This place has multiple outcomes depending on your choices.

To visit CLICK HERE. (Rivata 177, 177, 45)

Grim Orphanage
A very well planned out haunted orphanage. The narration as you move from place to place is spooky. The maze at the end was difficult, but I made it through without teleporting. :-)

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Sleepy Hollow 130, 144, 27)


The haunted house in Octoberville actually made me jump in front of my computer screen. It's another maze to get through. Explore the rest of Octoberville while you're there. Lots to see.

To visit CLICK HERE. (PixelTrix 161, 107, 22)

Cutting Class

Cutting Class was designed based on the creators' love of Survival Horror Video Games and Horror Films and is intended to scared you. At the teleport point, click the Saint Jude's sign to get information. You will need to collect clues and solve simple puzzles to get to the next levels.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Pulse 80, 225, 42)

Murder Mystery & Haunted House

This was a unique Halloween thriller. The teleport will take you to the store. Click on the television and get instructions to solve the murder mystery.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (The Raft 106, 83, 21)

DarkDharma Haunted Manor

Roam from room to room and see the gruesome sites unfold.

To visit CLICK HERE. (Benten 88, 222, 28)

Sinatra's Haunted House Spooky Ride

The ride costs $10L, but worth it. You get a free t-shirt at the end. Has some cool sound effects. Be sure to follow the instructions on the sign to start your ride.

To visit CLICK HERE. (Noyo 101, 150, 26)

SeaChel's Haunted house and Maze

It's a haunted house and a maze. Walk through the house to discover murder scenes. What does Maximillion Kleene, one of my favorite SL live singers, have to do with this house? Walk through the house to find out. Look for the TP in the house on the third floor to the Maze .

To visit, CLICK HERE. (SeaChel Barkadeer 110, 167, 22)

The Love Bugg Haunted House

Ride through this haunted house on a pumpkin car. The ride is a longer one.

To visit CLICK HERE. (Lovers Lagoon 189, 41, 23)

Bentham Manor

All the textures and effects made this haunted house take a while to rezz. It's worth the wait for some cool effects and spooky sounds. There is a seance table and a tarrot card reading table. My first surprise was before I even entered the house.

To visit CLICK HERE. (Sevenfold 197, 132, 170)

Halloween Maze
Once you find the maze, this is a good one. The teleport to the maze is in the store behind the stairs. Stand up after you tp. (My screen kept flashing until I did.) Then find the subway. Good luck!

To visit CLICK HERE. (Hong Kong Island 144, 83, 28)

Haunted Castle Ruins

The castle ruins are decorated very creepy. You can even have a haunted wedding. What amazed me the most about this place is that the castle ruins were created by my friend, Baron Grayson. I recognized it immediately. If you go down the hill and follow the path, you find the entrance to the maze.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Cirque Du Damne 192, 48, 39)

Trepid Station - Haunted Train Station

Explore this different type of haunted place. Start on the ground floor, where there is only an air of uneasiness. I actually caught myself thinking "is this it." As you progress up the tower the horror progresses. You'll get a note card with some details at the entrance.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Virtue 56, 28, 22)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Halloween Decor @ Cald Stine Creations

Cald Stine Creations is the place to buy some very well done ghosts and creepy pictures. I like the ghosts so much that I asked Cald to make me a pirate ghost for the pirate ship at Effie's Designs. The pirate ghost came out fabulous. The pirate ghost is for sale at Cald's store complete with the ghosts home - a treasure chest.

The Halloween pictures turn from normal looking people and avatars to frightening alter egos. You can buy them by the single or by packages.

You'll also find lots of other Halloween decorations such as a fog machine, an eye that watches you, a skull in an orb that moves with you, and a coffin. Go to Cald Stine Creations and see what this creative builder has for your very scarey Halloween.

To visit Cald Stine Creations, CLICK HERE. (Isle of Genesis 97, 85, 23)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Try Something Different - Splitsville

Want to try something different in SL? Get a friend or two together and head over to Splitsville. Splitsville is a new bowling and music club - for free!

When you rezz at Splitsville, a map of the area will be in front of you. To move from place to place, click on the signs. You will be teleported to that location. The bowling alley is directly behind the map with giant bowling pins and balls on both sides of the door.

When you click the door and enter, the grandeur of the building is immediately seen. Behind the waterfall sign is the shoe rental. Click on any of the shoes and receive a pair of classic bowling shoes. There are 8 bowling lanes. If they are full, don't fret. There are also 4 on the roof and 4 in the outdoor bowling pavilion. A glove, hud and instructions are available at every lane. Enjoy a free drink from the bar as you bowl a game.

Splitsville also showcases live music every Friday. Pool tables are also available for the small fee of L$1 per player.

Splitsville also has a large bowling pin shaped pool, a pro shop and the Splitsville Arena.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (InWorld Park 99, 174, 23)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Play in the Park - Hyde Park, London, England

Take a stroll through the beautiful Hyde Park and have some fun along the way.

Hyde Park is surrounded in long walkways to stroll through. Stop along the way for some fun and cuddling.

A red boat house has a row boat you can use to paddle across the lake. Boxes with free paddles are available before entering the boat.

You'll also find a skydiving pod. Get your free terra e-chute at the box next to the pod. Find it in your inventory, and wear it. Once it's on, sit on one of the seats on the pod. A menu will pop up. Click start. The pod will take you to 4,000 feet and drop you. The terra e-chute will open when you get to around 75 feet. You can use your arrow keys to move around while floating back to the ground.

Near the skydiving pod, is a nice waterfall area. There are cuddle poses around it. So, bring your sweetie and enjoy the view while you chat. Down the road a bit, you'll also find a swimming area complete with free swimming anims. It even has a menu-driven diving board.

Also, around the park you'll find swings, gazebos, a conservatory, and a horse barn. Enjoy the views.

To visit, CLICK HERE (London England UK 223, 243, 24)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Museum of Amazing Illusions

Like the oddities of Ripley's? I discovered a place in SL that reminds me a bit of it. It's called the Museum of Amazing Illusions.

When you arrive, you will need to sit on the magic carpet. It will take you to the museum. Once you are done, you also ride the carpet back.

In the museum, let the signs rezz, so you can read them. You'll find illusions like moving pictures and disappearing parts of the body. You get to participate in the illusions.

You will also find a fortune teller at the front of the museum. Make sure you have your sound turned on. Your fortune is told in voice. The fortune will cost you L$10.

Before you board the flying carpet to return to the starting point, you'll find a box of free souvenirs.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Enchantment Island 91, 70, 28)