Sunday, October 5, 2008

Halloween Decor @ Cald Stine Creations

Cald Stine Creations is the place to buy some very well done ghosts and creepy pictures. I like the ghosts so much that I asked Cald to make me a pirate ghost for the pirate ship at Effie's Designs. The pirate ghost came out fabulous. The pirate ghost is for sale at Cald's store complete with the ghosts home - a treasure chest.

The Halloween pictures turn from normal looking people and avatars to frightening alter egos. You can buy them by the single or by packages.

You'll also find lots of other Halloween decorations such as a fog machine, an eye that watches you, a skull in an orb that moves with you, and a coffin. Go to Cald Stine Creations and see what this creative builder has for your very scarey Halloween.

To visit Cald Stine Creations, CLICK HERE. (Isle of Genesis 97, 85, 23)

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