Monday, May 26, 2008

Flying High While Shopping - Plunder Airship Outpost

Several months ago, a friend took me to one of the most interesting shopping complexes I have ever seen in SL. Of course, I forgot to get a landmark; however, I came across it again this week. Plunder is a shopping complex about 600m up and made up of airships and a docking platform.

You'll find stores like Desert Moon Clothiers, Civvies, Kyoot Army, The Syndicate, Gear Shift, Form and Gothico. The stores are set up in airships of some type such as blimps and balloon lifted.

The decor will make you forget that you're in a shopping mall.

To visit Plunder, CLICK HERE. (Maggiore 127, 128, 601)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Beauty and Whimsical in One - Whimsy

I really didn't know what to expect when I teleported to Whimsy. It is a newer sim just born in March of this year.

Whimsy's decor is a South Seas atmosphere with Asian influence. As you tour the sim, you'll find many places to sit and relax whether it be in gazebos, benches facing the ocean, or on cliffs looking out onto Whimsy.

As you walk around Whimsy, read the landmark signs. This is where you will find the whimsical sense of humor of the sim.

It always puts a smile on my face to see my favorite SL pirate ship when I don't expect it. Whimsy has one for you to explore and includes some interesting furnishings. Baron Grayson, who's store is RELIC, is the creator of the ship. The detail is phenomenal!

One of the highlights of Whimsy is the volcano, Pele. It's rumored that the volcano will occasionally make loud sounds and erupt with black smoke and flying lava. At the top of the volcano is an ancient temple.

Whimsy also has activities such as skydiving, playing on a playground, taking a train ride around the island and under the waters, etc. There is a lot to see and do. Enjoy!

To visit Whimsy, CLICK HERE. (Whimsy 17, 109, 33)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Channel Island Asylum

Part of the new Bay City area built by the Lindens is a spooky place that sits on an island all to it's own. Only connected by bridges to other lands and secluded behind a fence and gate is the Channel Island Asylum. The asylum is an abandoned mental hospital from the old days of horrors that we often see in movies.

As soon as you walk in the lobby, you know you are in an eerie place. Take the time to look at the detail of the reception desks. As you walk down the hall, you'll see the wards of the hospital. At the end of the hall is the day room.

The staircase to the second floor is right before the day room on the right. The second floor houses the observation rooms (aka padded cells) and the operation area. Take your time to look at the details. There is also a ladder that leads to the attic.

As I walked through the asylum, I felt like I was on an old movie set. I couldn't help but think that this would be a great venue for a murder mystery evening in sl.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (South Channel 170, 202, 31)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

David Rumsey Maps

David Rumsey is a historical map collector that has the largest historical map collection in North America in his map library in San Francisco. The collection is about 25 years worth of work and embodies maps from about 1700 to 1925 of the world with a special emphasis on North America. In 1999, he set out to digitize maps and make them available for a wide audience. Currently, he has around 17,500 maps online on his website. (

When you teleport onto the 4-sim island, you arrive at a welcome center. The welcome center provides information about David Rumsey and the project. Free map souvenirs are available at the welcome center including wall maps and globes. A free map viewer that provides pictures of maps in a slide show format is also available.

Make sure you visit the second floor of the welcome center. There you will find a video about the map collection, Mr. Rumsey's goals, and bringing the collection into Second Life.

The welcome center also connects you with other areas of the island to immerse yourself in the maps. The first map I clicked on to visit transported me into one of the two huge globes on the island. It is a world globe from 1790. Inside is a clock type mechanism that allows you to see the inside of the globe in a 360 degree manner. Have a seat and enjoy the view. You can also click the kiosk to receive more information about about globe.

Whether you are a history buff, appreciate the art of old maps, or just want someplace "cool" to see, you will enjoy David Rumsey Maps. You can walk the streets of New York on a map, spin inside an old globe, and add a map pin to your hometown.

To visit David Rumsey Maps, CLICK HERE (Rumsey Maps 107, 73, 55).