Thursday, April 24, 2008

Visit Effie's Designs

Effie's Designs is my new main store. You will find many things here to "Decorate Your World" in SL.

Effie's includes:

  • Oil Lamps (w/particle flames, glow & on/off)
  • Torches (w/particle flames and glow)
  • Walkway lights (with glow)
  • Fireplaces (with glow)
  • Framed Photographs
  • Paintings
  • Tapestries
  • Vases
  • Baskets (round, square, large laundry)
  • Basket Purse (changes colors when touched)
  • Privacy Screens
  • Tropical Plants in Pots
  • Flowers in Pots
  • Accent Tables
  • Rugs (square and round)
  • and Much, Much More!

To visit Effie's, CLICK HERE. (BelleStar 112, 224, 22)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

SL Shopping Meets Hollywood - Best of SL Boulevard

Ever wonder what would happen if you took the best SL products and added a sugar coat of the glitz and glamor of Hollywood? A gorgeous sim of rich marble textures, shining glass store windows, towering buildings, and searchlights highlighting the beauty of it all would be born. On April 12 this sim was born... The Best of SL Boulevard.

The Best of SL Boulevard was the dream of Frolic Mills, creator and editor-in-chief of The Best of SL Magazine. Together with Patch Thibaud, a creative SL builder and architect, they took the goals of the magazine and created a sim to house all the creativity of top SL designers in one glamorous place.

As I walked down the streets of "The Boulevard" (my own shortened name for the sim), I find the ambiance of the architecture, reminiscent of art deco, and all the elements combined, such as park-like settings and bold lighting, makes me feel like I am shopping in the old elegant era of Hollywood. I am very much in awe over how stunning I find "The Boulevard." It is a masterpiece of SL building and design.

When you visit, marvel at the architecture for a while. However, don't forget to go inside the stores. For an avie that loves to shop and loves well made clothes, this is a paradise. I was in awe over some of the designers that I didn't even know existed. SL is such a huge place that sometimes we miss some of the finer things. I have a distinct feeling that this is one of the reasons Frolic Mills created the magazine and "The Boulevard."

And, for our male avies, there are some very well made things for you here. I found a shoe store (JCS). They were the best looking shoes for male avies I have seen anywhere in SL.

Visit the Best of SL Boulevard. See the gorgeous architecture, shop in stores from some of the best SL designers, and just relax in the beauty of the environment.

To visit The Best of SL Boulevard, CLICK HERE. (THE BEST OF BOULEVARD 80, 80, 24)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

E&T Designs - Decorate Your World

It's amazing how SL changes day to day, hour by hour, and minute by minute. Most of us look at the changes as exciting and new adventures. (Maybe we should take some of the lessons we learn in SL and apply them to RL. :-)

Well, my "world has been rocked" by an avie I met about 3 weeks ago. Touss and I hit it off immediately. We are two entrepreneurs in SL with products that are different but also can share the fact that they are products to decorate your SL home.

Touss came up with the idea that we should open a big store together. And, the rest is history. We have been working on the store for over a week and are about ready to open. Here is a sneak peak at the store:

Touss designs and creates beautiful bonfires and candles to light up your home.

Most of my products are in the new store including my line of vases and pictures. I have also added some Asian and Gothic themed items.

I have plants available including some new ones. If you like a certain pot and plant, I'll even make you a custom one. Just IM me.

Touss upgraded my fireplaces to include some scripted particles. He does such great work!

You'll find lots of baskets in lots of colors!

Come shop and have some fun. We have a Una table out back and beautiful seating around the ocean. Enjoy it!

To visit E&T Designs, CLICK HERE. (BelleStar 112, 224, 22)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tranquility Gardens - Peaceful & Serene

A friend sent me the landmark to a place called Tranquility Gardens. I wasn't too excited because I've seen a lot of gardens in SL. However, I teleported there and was surprised to see the purpose behind this place.

Tranquility Gardens is absolutely beautiful. It's full of lush, romantic and serene gardens. It's not one huge place; it is broken up into small intimate islands. The different areas include beaches, waterfalls, tropical gardens and pagodas.

The islands have niches everywhere for meditation or cuddling. Sit on a swing, do some tai chi, get or give a massage, sit and ponder, or cuddle with a special someone. You can do it all here in this tranquil environment.

I took the pictures in Sunset mode so that the detail would show. However, both times I've been to Tranquility Gardens, it was night. (The perfect time for cuddling.)

To visit Tranquility Gardens, CLICK HERE (Kittycat Cove 80, 155, 42).