Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tranquility Gardens - Peaceful & Serene

A friend sent me the landmark to a place called Tranquility Gardens. I wasn't too excited because I've seen a lot of gardens in SL. However, I teleported there and was surprised to see the purpose behind this place.

Tranquility Gardens is absolutely beautiful. It's full of lush, romantic and serene gardens. It's not one huge place; it is broken up into small intimate islands. The different areas include beaches, waterfalls, tropical gardens and pagodas.

The islands have niches everywhere for meditation or cuddling. Sit on a swing, do some tai chi, get or give a massage, sit and ponder, or cuddle with a special someone. You can do it all here in this tranquil environment.

I took the pictures in Sunset mode so that the detail would show. However, both times I've been to Tranquility Gardens, it was night. (The perfect time for cuddling.)

To visit Tranquility Gardens, CLICK HERE (Kittycat Cove 80, 155, 42).

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