Sunday, January 27, 2008

Warm, Sunny Beaches

To continue the theme of warm and sunny during January, below is a list of some of my favorite beaches in SL. Grab your bikini or swim trunks, and a friend and go have some fun! (Just a hint about the next couple of postings... don't you feel romance in the air?)

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is one of my favorites. You hear the waves lapping against the shore while you sunbathe, windsurf, fish or even dance at the Beach Club. There is even a large bonfire at one end of the beach for those chilly nights.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Myrtle Beach 54, 31, 29)

Tiki Tattoo Cove

Cute little Hawaiian paradise. There is a Couples and Cuddle area and a Friends and Party area, so you can there have some quiet time with your sweetie or join in the fun with everyone. Poseballs are throughout the area for your enjoyment.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Tiki Tattoo Cove 33, 168, 22)

The Cape

The Cape is a beautiful tropical island with a long beach, hot tubs, and many waterfalls. The shore is lined with lounge chairs, a fire pit has plenty of seating, or find a little romantic niche. There are also romantic niches away from the shoreline. The Cape is in a mature sim, so you will find more intimate pose balls.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (The Cape 14, 176, 21)

The Bay

The Bay is a sister beach to The Cape. The area has a similar feel to The Cape. Lots of seating near the beach and romantic niches throughout the area.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (The Bay 42, 177, 26)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cruise to January Warmth - Part III

As a continuation and final posting about the SS Galaxy Cruise Ship below is a run down on what is located in the FORWARD section of the 3-sim luxury cruise ship.

SS Galaxy - FORWARD Section

The FORWARD Section of the ship hosts the Captains suites and the VIP suites for rent aboard the SS Galaxy as well as a number of entertainment possibilities.

In this section of the ship, you'll find:


This lobby is close to the VIP suites and Captain's suites. You'll find access to the Boiler Room Nightclub, the Bamboo Garden, and the Spa. Meeting rooms are off this lobby.

Starlight Lounge

The Starlight Lounge is on the top level of the SS Galaxy above the Bridge. Refreshments are served here including champagne and caviar. Relax and enjoy the view or twirl your sweetie around on the dance balls.

Wedding Chapel

A beautiful luxury cruise ship is a nice romantic place to have a wedding in SL. The chapel has gorgeous Roman architecture in wedding colors of white and red. (I saw pictures of the chapel with other colors, so I assume the color scheme can be changed to meet the bride and groom's needs.) The adjacent Starlight Court offers guests a great place to socialize between events.

Conference/Reception Hall

The Reception Hall is decorated in the same luxurious colors as the wedding chapel, red and white. The room has a bar, a piano, a food table, a cake table, and plenty of dance balls. The hall can also be used for conferences.


The spa is absolutely luxurious and huge. The spa includes a hot bath, sauna, Jacuzzi, massage, tanning beds and lots of exercise equipment. Clothing is optional in the spa; however, you must dress to enjoy the rest of the ship. Towels are provided.

The Bamboo Garden Japanese Restaurant

When you walk into this restaurant, you walk into a beautiful Japanese garden complete with tea houses and a koi pond. The sushi bar is fully stocked and serves nigiri and rolled sushi. Menus are on top of the bar. You can either visit for tea or a full meal.


The Bridge is the Galaxy's command center. You'll see all the complicated tools that make a cruise ship run and a huge nautical map. There is also a conference table on the bridge for all those important meetings for ship staff. You can also get a long list of nautical terms.

To visit the SS Galaxy FORWARD Section, CLICK HERE. (Galaxy FORWARD 127, 243, 26)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cruise to January Warmth - Part II

As a continuation of the SS Galaxy Cruise Ship below is a listing of what is located in the MID section of the 3-sim luxury cruise ship.

SS Galaxy - MID Section

The MID Section of the ship hosts a good number of the single and double suites for rent aboard the SS Galaxy as well as a number of entertainment possibilities.

In this section of the ship, you'll find:

Lobby & Nova S. Straaf Gallery

On the lobby level (The lobby is actually in the AFT section of the ship. You can walk over to it from this level.) is the Nova S. Straaf Gallery. The gallery is a rotating exhibition of featured artists in SL. The pieces are for sale in the gallery.

Glacier Cafe & Skating Rink

I love this ice rink because it's under a glass roof and indoors. Okay, so it's only pixels, but my RL avie tends to get cold looking at all that ice. Skates are available for sale at the entrance. Couple skating animations are also available. The back wall of the rink is a waterfall wall. The Glacier Cafe surrounds the rink.

Constellation Lounge

The Constellation Lounge is a jazzy piano lounge located at the heart of the ship on the same level as the lobby and the Nova S. Straaf Gallery. Sit and enjoy the music in the comfy chairs or dance the night away using the dance balls.

Atrium Garden

The Atrium Garden is indoors and spans most of the MID section of the SS Galaxy. The garden hosts hot tubs, waterfalls, a grassy picnic, and hideaway kissing spots throughout the lush foliage and the marble architecture.

HoloDeck Rec Room

The HoloDeck Rooms are virtual reality rooms that have the ability to change a 3D scene all around you. Some options are a tropical rainforest, a shipwreck, a star-filled night sky, and an erupting volcano. Instructions are in the rooms. You just say the commands in open chat.

Coral Lagoon Pool

The Coral Lagoon Pool is the ship's main pool. The pool includes a water slide, two hot tubs, and a diving board. I tried the diving board and the water slide. They were pretty cool. However, remember that the SS Galaxy is a no fly zone, so you have to walk out of the pool. The pool area also has a dance floor, an aquarium bar, and lots of lounge chairs to get some rays.

Basketball Court & Jogging Track

A small basketball court is in the MID section with one net. A game costs $10L for one player and $20L for two. You'll also see here the jogging path that circles the ship. To get to the rezzer for the jogging track, CLICK HERE. Just click on the rezzer, hop on the jogger, and you are off for healthy exercise around the Galaxy.

To visit the SS Galaxy MID Section, CLICK HERE. (Galaxy MID 126, 230, 26)
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Friday, January 4, 2008

Cruise to January Warmth - Part I

During the month of January many places are cold and snowy. And, if you live in a warmer climate, you have probably experienced the cold and snowy in SL. So, I'm going to dedicate January to introducing some sunny and warm places in SL.

The first is the SS Galaxy Cruise Ship. The luxury cruise ship is 3 sims long and anchored in the Sagittarian Sea. The sims are labled the AFT, MID and FORWARD sections. Teleporters are located in each section of the ship to direct you to the different attractions located throughout the 8 decks.

Because there is so much to see on this huge ship, I will have 3 postings about the SS Galaxy. The AFT section is the main boarding point for the ship and the concentration for this blog entry.

SS Galaxy - AFT Section

When you board the AFT section, you enter the main reception area of the ship. The ship uses avies to staff the ship, so you will often find staff in the reception area to answer your questions and direct you to the different areas of the ship. Pricing for rooms and suits can also be found in the reception area.

In this section of the ship, you'll find:

The Zodiac Ballroom

The Zodiac Ballroom is a beautiful round ballroom under domed glass. The ballroom features jazz & big band music of yesterday The terrace circles the dance floor on the second floor and offers a romantic and panoramic view of the ocean. Formal attire is required.

The Zodiac Dining Room

The Zodiac Dining Room is a buffet and full service restaurant. Choose from a wide array of appetizers, main courses, and desserts. Silverware is included. Click on an item on the buffet tables to receive your food. Or, sit down at a table and click on the placemat to make your dining choices. A very elegant dining room to chat with friends to take a special avie.

Rainbow Cafe

The Rainbow Cafe overlooks the Poop Deck and is a great place to sit, relax, and enjoy the view. Bring a few friends along and have some good conversation. Coffee is free on the coffee cart and is animated. Just find it in your inventory and wear it. Enjoy!

8-Ball Room Lounge

The 8-Ball Room Lounge is a small, quaint lounge where you can sit and have drinks or even play a game of pool.

Penny Arcade

The Arcade has a large selection of games to play. If you take a free ticket roll and wear it while playing the games you can earn tickets to redeem for prizes. The Arcade also has a concession stand with free refreshments and a place to sit and chat.

Skeet Shoot

Practice shooting at the Skeet Shoot. Each play is $10L. However, a high score earns you $20L. Click on the game to get instructions.

Poop Deck

The Poop Deck is a place to sky dive, ride in aircraft including a Galaxy Blimp, use a putting green, or just enjoy the view. Keep in mind that most of these activities do cost Lindens.

Galaxy Mall

The Galaxy Mall is a 3-level mall in the AFT section. The mall has everything from furniture to clothes to jewelry to art.

To visit the SS Galaxy AFT Section, CLICK HERE. (Galaxy AFT 66, 54, 21)