Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cruise to January Warmth - Part II

As a continuation of the SS Galaxy Cruise Ship below is a listing of what is located in the MID section of the 3-sim luxury cruise ship.

SS Galaxy - MID Section

The MID Section of the ship hosts a good number of the single and double suites for rent aboard the SS Galaxy as well as a number of entertainment possibilities.

In this section of the ship, you'll find:

Lobby & Nova S. Straaf Gallery

On the lobby level (The lobby is actually in the AFT section of the ship. You can walk over to it from this level.) is the Nova S. Straaf Gallery. The gallery is a rotating exhibition of featured artists in SL. The pieces are for sale in the gallery.

Glacier Cafe & Skating Rink

I love this ice rink because it's under a glass roof and indoors. Okay, so it's only pixels, but my RL avie tends to get cold looking at all that ice. Skates are available for sale at the entrance. Couple skating animations are also available. The back wall of the rink is a waterfall wall. The Glacier Cafe surrounds the rink.

Constellation Lounge

The Constellation Lounge is a jazzy piano lounge located at the heart of the ship on the same level as the lobby and the Nova S. Straaf Gallery. Sit and enjoy the music in the comfy chairs or dance the night away using the dance balls.

Atrium Garden

The Atrium Garden is indoors and spans most of the MID section of the SS Galaxy. The garden hosts hot tubs, waterfalls, a grassy picnic, and hideaway kissing spots throughout the lush foliage and the marble architecture.

HoloDeck Rec Room

The HoloDeck Rooms are virtual reality rooms that have the ability to change a 3D scene all around you. Some options are a tropical rainforest, a shipwreck, a star-filled night sky, and an erupting volcano. Instructions are in the rooms. You just say the commands in open chat.

Coral Lagoon Pool

The Coral Lagoon Pool is the ship's main pool. The pool includes a water slide, two hot tubs, and a diving board. I tried the diving board and the water slide. They were pretty cool. However, remember that the SS Galaxy is a no fly zone, so you have to walk out of the pool. The pool area also has a dance floor, an aquarium bar, and lots of lounge chairs to get some rays.

Basketball Court & Jogging Track

A small basketball court is in the MID section with one net. A game costs $10L for one player and $20L for two. You'll also see here the jogging path that circles the ship. To get to the rezzer for the jogging track, CLICK HERE. Just click on the rezzer, hop on the jogger, and you are off for healthy exercise around the Galaxy.

To visit the SS Galaxy MID Section, CLICK HERE. (Galaxy MID 126, 230, 26)

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