Sunday, January 27, 2008

Warm, Sunny Beaches

To continue the theme of warm and sunny during January, below is a list of some of my favorite beaches in SL. Grab your bikini or swim trunks, and a friend and go have some fun! (Just a hint about the next couple of postings... don't you feel romance in the air?)

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is one of my favorites. You hear the waves lapping against the shore while you sunbathe, windsurf, fish or even dance at the Beach Club. There is even a large bonfire at one end of the beach for those chilly nights.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Myrtle Beach 54, 31, 29)

Tiki Tattoo Cove

Cute little Hawaiian paradise. There is a Couples and Cuddle area and a Friends and Party area, so you can there have some quiet time with your sweetie or join in the fun with everyone. Poseballs are throughout the area for your enjoyment.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Tiki Tattoo Cove 33, 168, 22)

The Cape

The Cape is a beautiful tropical island with a long beach, hot tubs, and many waterfalls. The shore is lined with lounge chairs, a fire pit has plenty of seating, or find a little romantic niche. There are also romantic niches away from the shoreline. The Cape is in a mature sim, so you will find more intimate pose balls.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (The Cape 14, 176, 21)

The Bay

The Bay is a sister beach to The Cape. The area has a similar feel to The Cape. Lots of seating near the beach and romantic niches throughout the area.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (The Bay 42, 177, 26)

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