Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cruise to January Warmth - Part III

As a continuation and final posting about the SS Galaxy Cruise Ship below is a run down on what is located in the FORWARD section of the 3-sim luxury cruise ship.

SS Galaxy - FORWARD Section

The FORWARD Section of the ship hosts the Captains suites and the VIP suites for rent aboard the SS Galaxy as well as a number of entertainment possibilities.

In this section of the ship, you'll find:


This lobby is close to the VIP suites and Captain's suites. You'll find access to the Boiler Room Nightclub, the Bamboo Garden, and the Spa. Meeting rooms are off this lobby.

Starlight Lounge

The Starlight Lounge is on the top level of the SS Galaxy above the Bridge. Refreshments are served here including champagne and caviar. Relax and enjoy the view or twirl your sweetie around on the dance balls.

Wedding Chapel

A beautiful luxury cruise ship is a nice romantic place to have a wedding in SL. The chapel has gorgeous Roman architecture in wedding colors of white and red. (I saw pictures of the chapel with other colors, so I assume the color scheme can be changed to meet the bride and groom's needs.) The adjacent Starlight Court offers guests a great place to socialize between events.

Conference/Reception Hall

The Reception Hall is decorated in the same luxurious colors as the wedding chapel, red and white. The room has a bar, a piano, a food table, a cake table, and plenty of dance balls. The hall can also be used for conferences.


The spa is absolutely luxurious and huge. The spa includes a hot bath, sauna, Jacuzzi, massage, tanning beds and lots of exercise equipment. Clothing is optional in the spa; however, you must dress to enjoy the rest of the ship. Towels are provided.

The Bamboo Garden Japanese Restaurant

When you walk into this restaurant, you walk into a beautiful Japanese garden complete with tea houses and a koi pond. The sushi bar is fully stocked and serves nigiri and rolled sushi. Menus are on top of the bar. You can either visit for tea or a full meal.


The Bridge is the Galaxy's command center. You'll see all the complicated tools that make a cruise ship run and a huge nautical map. There is also a conference table on the bridge for all those important meetings for ship staff. You can also get a long list of nautical terms.

To visit the SS Galaxy FORWARD Section, CLICK HERE. (Galaxy FORWARD 127, 243, 26)

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