Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yabba Dabba Do!!! Meet the Flintstones!

Immerse yourself in a land dedicated to the Flintstones. When you teleport into Bedrock, Gazoo's space ship will be waiting for you to take you on a tour of Bedrock. Sit on one of the pose balls in the space ship and your tour will begin. A nice addition of the tour is a trip through the black hole that Gazoo traveled through to get to Earth. The tour will end at the same place it began.

However, the best way to see Bedrock is to walk around and see the sights. Bedrock was created in lots of bright, cartoon colors and, of course, lots of stone like the original. You'll see many familiar places as you walk through the town such as:

Drive-In: A list of movies is available. Burger shack is next door.

Bedrock Bowl: Enjoy a game of bowling ($25L)

Loyal Order of the Water Buffalo Lodge

Bedrock Fire House

Bedrock Jail

Bedrock Boutique: Purchase memorabilia or even an avatar to role play in Bedrock.

Putt Putt Golf Course: Play putt putt amidst a towering volcano. ($25L)

The Great Gazoo's Home (Pyramid)

Ferris Wheel: Powered by a dinosaur.

Bedrock Quarry: Sit on top of the dinosaur or visit Mr. Slate's office.

Bedrock Dance Pavilion: I don't remember this from the Flintstone's; however, it's a nice touch and gathering place. Even has a submerged floor.

Fred & Wilma's House

Barney & Betty's House

Bedrock Airport

Bedrock Mud Spa: Take a dip in a mud bath or have a friend give you a nice massage.

The creator of Bedrock, Tigey Honey, says that there are hidden areas to explore. I haven't found any yet, so let me know if you find any.

To visit Bedrock, CLICK HERE. (Drymonia 163, 38, 252 )

Sunday, September 23, 2007

More Than Blonds, Brunettes & Redheads

It sounds very unreal to say I went hair shopping with a friend the other day. We went to a store my friend knew about and then I suggested the place that I seem to always buy hair - Bewitched Hair. The comment I got was "wow, this is a lot of hair." So, I thought maybe I should share this place with others.

Bewitched Hair has over 100 styles of hair and lots of color packs per style. Hair is categorized into:

medium to long styles

mens & accessories

pony/pigtails & short


The store also has clearance, freebies, and an info area. The store is huge, so use the store maps in the front center of the store. The names of the areas are on the flower planters in front of each area.

To visit Bewitched Hair, CLICK HERE (Lemon Island 136, 164, 27).

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Straylight: Nature's Beauty in SL

I thought I had seen nature's beauty at it's best in lots of place in SL until I rezzed in Straylight. According to its creator Kriss Lehmann, "Starlight serves as an Second Life nature reserve, park, testing ground for new landscaping techniques, and all around destination for residents of Second Life."

A brick path winds you through a forest of trees, over rivers of flowing water, and through a "storefront" where you can buy trees, water, ground cover, and accessories. "Storefront" is a loose term because botanical looks as beautiful as the surrounding landscape with towering trees and hardy ground cover. The landscape products are all sculpties, and are absolutely gorgeous. Even accessories like the stray light rays you see around the sim (giving it the name) are for sale.

Take a friend and explore this sim. You'll want to hang out in this exquisite, tranquil place.

To visit Straylight, CLICK HERE (Straylight 198, 12, 37).

Monday, September 10, 2007

Never Forget - Remembering 9-11

I know that I have already posted to my blog this week; however, I found something too important to wait. On Tuesday, our country crosses the milestone of the 6th Anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center. I just became aware that there is a September 11th Memorial on the World Trade Center SIM.

The memorial honors and remembers the 2,996 people lost on 9/11/01 at the World Trade Center, Pentagon and on Flights 11, 77, 93 and 175.

The names of these individuals, from 82 countries, have been listed according to their location on that fateful morning. If available their photos have also been compiled and carefully adorn the inside wall.

Winfried Ferraris is the landowner and Liam Kanno is the designer. Their hope is to offer the families, friends, loved ones and visitors from all over the world a place in SL to come and pay tribute to the victims. A place to gather with those affected and share as a way of healing and honoring those who lost their lives.

You can obtain a white rose and leave it on any spot you wish on the memorial. Donations help the cost to run the plot the memorial is placed on.

Please visit this memorial by CLICKING HERE. (World Trade Center 175, 79, 26)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

"Gentlemen (or Ladies) Start Your Engines"... Visit Motor City

Lots of hot cars, motor cycles, and other vehicles can be found at Motor City. Even though the place doesn't look quite done (the road in the sky goes nowhere), you can visit, and there is lots to see.

Reminiscent of the International Car Show, each store has a look of showmanship and bling. Some of them even remind you of Vegas. Of course, the vehicles themselves are a bit of eye candy. You'll find everything from fast looking cars to muscle cars of yesteryear to cool looking motorcycles to helicopters.

DoMoCo is a snazzy place that also sells driving gear and let's you take a test drive in a demo car. Well, my test drive was a disaster. Good thing I'm a great driver in RL. :-)

To visit Motor City, CLICK HERE (MotorCity 135, 91, 35).

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Dell Island

Who ever thought that a company that sells computers could make such an interesting presence in SL? Wow, I was impressed and I don't think the folks at Dell are done yet.

When arriving at Dell, you tp into a Welcome Island. Welcome Island is a park-like setting. Most of the information on this island is for noobs such as how to change your appearance and how to chat. However, there is a billboard in the middle that shows the set up of the Dell Islands.

An interesting, modern architectural bridge connects the Welcome Island to Dell City. A model of the islands greets you on the other side of the bridge. At the entrance area, you will find some shops like a news stand, a cafe, and a souvenir shop where you can get a Dell backpack for free. The island also includes a dorm, a lecture hall and the travel center.

At the top of the travel center, you will be able to take pod transportation to the Factory, the Giant Computer, and the Conference area. Just click on the sign. Then right click on the pod that rezzed and choose ride. When you arrive at the location, just click on the glowing ball to transport to the ground.

The conference area is pretty lack-luster at the moment. However, there is a Screening Room at the bottom of the stairs immediately to the left. Right now the Screening Room is set up to allow you to view a free eSeminar on the Value of Windows Vista in the Business Environment. A great example of streaming media into SL.

The giant computer is really cool. You can walk through the computer and look at the different components.

The factory is neet to look at and functional. When clicking on the ball to go to the factory floor, you tp to a lounge area. The middle of the floor holds some factory-looking turn tables that have monkeys you can purchase for free. All around the factory floor are stations that you can sit at and configure a computer. You can choose selections such as type of computer, hard drive, memory, and video card. When complete, you can purchase the computer through the Dell website. The factory also gives out a free laptop for your avie, information on recycling, and computer information.

To visit Dell Island, CLICK HERE. (Del Island 254, 49, 25)