Saturday, September 15, 2007

Straylight: Nature's Beauty in SL

I thought I had seen nature's beauty at it's best in lots of place in SL until I rezzed in Straylight. According to its creator Kriss Lehmann, "Starlight serves as an Second Life nature reserve, park, testing ground for new landscaping techniques, and all around destination for residents of Second Life."

A brick path winds you through a forest of trees, over rivers of flowing water, and through a "storefront" where you can buy trees, water, ground cover, and accessories. "Storefront" is a loose term because botanical looks as beautiful as the surrounding landscape with towering trees and hardy ground cover. The landscape products are all sculpties, and are absolutely gorgeous. Even accessories like the stray light rays you see around the sim (giving it the name) are for sale.

Take a friend and explore this sim. You'll want to hang out in this exquisite, tranquil place.

To visit Straylight, CLICK HERE (Straylight 198, 12, 37).

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Adrian said...

This place is beautiful, too bad I can not have these graphics in Second Life on my computer :(