Sunday, September 23, 2007

More Than Blonds, Brunettes & Redheads

It sounds very unreal to say I went hair shopping with a friend the other day. We went to a store my friend knew about and then I suggested the place that I seem to always buy hair - Bewitched Hair. The comment I got was "wow, this is a lot of hair." So, I thought maybe I should share this place with others.

Bewitched Hair has over 100 styles of hair and lots of color packs per style. Hair is categorized into:

medium to long styles

mens & accessories

pony/pigtails & short


The store also has clearance, freebies, and an info area. The store is huge, so use the store maps in the front center of the store. The names of the areas are on the flower planters in front of each area.

To visit Bewitched Hair, CLICK HERE (Lemon Island 136, 164, 27).

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