Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yabba Dabba Do!!! Meet the Flintstones!

Immerse yourself in a land dedicated to the Flintstones. When you teleport into Bedrock, Gazoo's space ship will be waiting for you to take you on a tour of Bedrock. Sit on one of the pose balls in the space ship and your tour will begin. A nice addition of the tour is a trip through the black hole that Gazoo traveled through to get to Earth. The tour will end at the same place it began.

However, the best way to see Bedrock is to walk around and see the sights. Bedrock was created in lots of bright, cartoon colors and, of course, lots of stone like the original. You'll see many familiar places as you walk through the town such as:

Drive-In: A list of movies is available. Burger shack is next door.

Bedrock Bowl: Enjoy a game of bowling ($25L)

Loyal Order of the Water Buffalo Lodge

Bedrock Fire House

Bedrock Jail

Bedrock Boutique: Purchase memorabilia or even an avatar to role play in Bedrock.

Putt Putt Golf Course: Play putt putt amidst a towering volcano. ($25L)

The Great Gazoo's Home (Pyramid)

Ferris Wheel: Powered by a dinosaur.

Bedrock Quarry: Sit on top of the dinosaur or visit Mr. Slate's office.

Bedrock Dance Pavilion: I don't remember this from the Flintstone's; however, it's a nice touch and gathering place. Even has a submerged floor.

Fred & Wilma's House

Barney & Betty's House

Bedrock Airport

Bedrock Mud Spa: Take a dip in a mud bath or have a friend give you a nice massage.

The creator of Bedrock, Tigey Honey, says that there are hidden areas to explore. I haven't found any yet, so let me know if you find any.

To visit Bedrock, CLICK HERE. (Drymonia 163, 38, 252 )

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