Friday, October 19, 2007

Haunted Houses

10/19/2007 - UPDATE... This will be the last update for haunted houses. The latest addit
ions will be in red. I really hope you enjoyed these places. Happy Halloween!!!

10/14/2007 - UPDATE... More haunted houses have been added to this list. The additions will have their names in orange.

With Halloween upon us in a couple of weeks, I got curious and typed in "haunted house" in SL's search. Wow! Lots of places came up. I also looked through some other blogs and found others. Here is a few I went to this week. Some are better than others, but you be the judge. I'll add more as I experience them. Enjoy! And, Happy Halloween!

Haunted Coal Mine

Here is a different take on a haunted house. Actually includes a couple of haunted houses along the way.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Steeltopia 107, 53, 26)

Haunted House and Graveyard

I thought this was going to just be another typical haunted house. There were a few surprises that I was expecting.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (North Halsted 159, 56, 25)

Grimm Orphanage

A very well planned out haunted orphanage. The narration as you move from place to place is spooky. The maze at the end was difficult, but I made it through without teleporting. :-)

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Sleepy Hollow 130, 144, 27)

Dryke Cemetary & Gothic Castle

This one is not really a haunted house; however, some very good work. It's more of a spooky store. The castle if full of scary and gory costumes, scenes, etc. A lot has to do with witchcraft. The sounds sure make this place spooky.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Kitaro 11, 200, 74)

Pulse Haunted Mansion

Walk through this haunted mansion that unfold a murder from room to room with all the gruesome remains.

To visit CLICK HERE. (Pulse 40, 53, 60)

House of the Unholy

Once inside the house, follow the signs that say "This Way." If you can't find the next sign, look around you.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (PodShow Island 84, 155, 27)

Caskets R Us

The main store of Caskets R Us has a Gory House to walk through. While you're there, pick up a mausoleum or casket to add to your party decor.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Sociaria 209, 169, 30)

Haunted House in Woodhaven Park

Take a cauldron ride through this haunted house. You can even invite your sweetie along. Cauldrons have pose balls for male and female.

To visit CLICK HERE. (Woodhaven Park 118, 156, 23)

Autumn Hollow

Costs $50L to go through. It's actually a game. At the beginning you are given instructions and a story. Everyone who collects everything will end up in the raffle. Winner wins the pot.

To visit CLICK HERE. (Opelessence 223, 183, 40)

Halloween Manor

Roam from room to room and see the gruesome sites unfold.

To visit CLICK HERE. (Dacia 185, 137, 24)

Liquid Heat Haunted Cave

Cool looking place with lots of heat and lava. Don't miss the Haunted Caverns. You ride through the caverns in a coal cart. They sell some of their creations.

To visit CLICK HERE. (Tahiti 206, 241, 52)

Liturature Alive's Haunted Classroom

Desideria Stockton and Eloise Pasteur did a great job of making an educational haunted house so cool.

To visit CLICK HERE. (Eduisland 203 229, 62, 23)


The haunted house in Octoberville actually made me jump in front of my computer screen. It's another maze to get through. Explore the rest of Octoberville while you're there. Lots to see.

To visit CLICK HERE. (PixelTrix 161, 107, 22)

The Haunted House at France Microcosme

Not sure if this one is finished. Some of the rooms are empty.

To visit CLICK HERE. (FRANCE MICROCOSME 159, 162, 30)

Sinatra's Haunted House Spooky Ride

The ride costs $10L, but worth it. You get a free t-shirt at the end. Has some cool sound effects.

To visit CLICK HERE. (Noyo 101, 150, 26)

VenDetta Haunted Manor

Some doors and walls you can walk through...some you cant. It's like trying a puzzle.

To visit CLICK HERE. (SunSet Alliez 93, 224, 22)

House of Pain

This is a bit of a challenge. Click around, walk through walls, etc. HINT: In the first room, click the hands and eyes on the left.

To visit CLICK HERE. (Scylla 199, 24, 65)

Devils Labyrinth

Visit their website at This place has multiple outcomes depending on your choices.

To visit CLICK HERE. (Rivata 177, 177, 45)

Halloween Island

Not only is there a Haunted House, but you can purchase all the things to build your own. Or buy decorations for your party.

To visit CLICK HERE. (Publishing Island 217, 160, 54)

Finished! Cemetary and Haunted Maze

The Haunted Maze is tough. I got lost.

To visit CLICK HERE. (Pandoria 161, 225, 31)


Greylin Fairweather said...

Thanks so much for posting the spooktacular Halloween roundup! Great blog! :) Greylin Fairweather

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Thanks so much! I loved the literary one especially!