Saturday, September 1, 2007

Dell Island

Who ever thought that a company that sells computers could make such an interesting presence in SL? Wow, I was impressed and I don't think the folks at Dell are done yet.

When arriving at Dell, you tp into a Welcome Island. Welcome Island is a park-like setting. Most of the information on this island is for noobs such as how to change your appearance and how to chat. However, there is a billboard in the middle that shows the set up of the Dell Islands.

An interesting, modern architectural bridge connects the Welcome Island to Dell City. A model of the islands greets you on the other side of the bridge. At the entrance area, you will find some shops like a news stand, a cafe, and a souvenir shop where you can get a Dell backpack for free. The island also includes a dorm, a lecture hall and the travel center.

At the top of the travel center, you will be able to take pod transportation to the Factory, the Giant Computer, and the Conference area. Just click on the sign. Then right click on the pod that rezzed and choose ride. When you arrive at the location, just click on the glowing ball to transport to the ground.

The conference area is pretty lack-luster at the moment. However, there is a Screening Room at the bottom of the stairs immediately to the left. Right now the Screening Room is set up to allow you to view a free eSeminar on the Value of Windows Vista in the Business Environment. A great example of streaming media into SL.

The giant computer is really cool. You can walk through the computer and look at the different components.

The factory is neet to look at and functional. When clicking on the ball to go to the factory floor, you tp to a lounge area. The middle of the floor holds some factory-looking turn tables that have monkeys you can purchase for free. All around the factory floor are stations that you can sit at and configure a computer. You can choose selections such as type of computer, hard drive, memory, and video card. When complete, you can purchase the computer through the Dell website. The factory also gives out a free laptop for your avie, information on recycling, and computer information.

To visit Dell Island, CLICK HERE. (Del Island 254, 49, 25)

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Pyrrha Dell said...

Thanks for stopping by Effie! Your post is a great overview of the build. Glad you found it interesting. If you'd like to chat with someone in Dell City, come back to our coffee shop during office hours: Monday - Friday, 5 - 6am SLT and 12 - 2pm SLT.