Sunday, August 26, 2007


Some people call the Abyss a piece of artwork on Second Life. Honestly, I think everything built on SL is a piece of art. According to Wikipedia, "Art, in its broadest meaning, is the expression of creativity or imagination, or both." Someone has created and molded prims into something useful or something decorative from their imagination or to interpret their reality in SL; therefore, I call it all "art."

So, what is the Abyss beyond a piece of artwork? The Abyss is educational, informative, and a visual feast dedicated to our oceans.

The teleport area is a welcome center with maps, information, and souvenirs. One of the most curious things I found in the welcome area is a globe. Click on the teleport outside of the globe, and you are teleported inside the globe. While inside you view the earth from space as it is lit up with lights at night. If you go into mouselook, it much easier to look around.

As you walk out of the area, you'll find a walkway lined with information about the history of ocean exploration and how the oceans are being polluted. At the end of the walkway is the entrance for the visual masterpiece.

Notes at the entrance to the under-the-ocean part of the exhibit state to put your world settings at midnight and go into mouselook mode. The walkway is black at first with neon arrows pointing the way. Then, it turns into a long transparent walkway which descends you deep into the ocean to the ocean floor. As I walked, my mind kept thinking that this exhibit reminded me of the creativity of a ride at Disney World. Beautiful, almost neon glowing, sea life was viewable throughout the walkway. When reaching the ocean floor, you are truly immersed in sea life... different types of fish, jellyfish, and plants. Walk around and enjoy the spectacular view!

The Abyss is a creation by Rezago Kokorin and Sunn Thunders and can be visited by CLICKING HERE. (Blekinge 150, 44, 431)

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