Sunday, September 9, 2007

"Gentlemen (or Ladies) Start Your Engines"... Visit Motor City

Lots of hot cars, motor cycles, and other vehicles can be found at Motor City. Even though the place doesn't look quite done (the road in the sky goes nowhere), you can visit, and there is lots to see.

Reminiscent of the International Car Show, each store has a look of showmanship and bling. Some of them even remind you of Vegas. Of course, the vehicles themselves are a bit of eye candy. You'll find everything from fast looking cars to muscle cars of yesteryear to cool looking motorcycles to helicopters.

DoMoCo is a snazzy place that also sells driving gear and let's you take a test drive in a demo car. Well, my test drive was a disaster. Good thing I'm a great driver in RL. :-)

To visit Motor City, CLICK HERE (MotorCity 135, 91, 35).

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