Sunday, April 13, 2008

E&T Designs - Decorate Your World

It's amazing how SL changes day to day, hour by hour, and minute by minute. Most of us look at the changes as exciting and new adventures. (Maybe we should take some of the lessons we learn in SL and apply them to RL. :-)

Well, my "world has been rocked" by an avie I met about 3 weeks ago. Touss and I hit it off immediately. We are two entrepreneurs in SL with products that are different but also can share the fact that they are products to decorate your SL home.

Touss came up with the idea that we should open a big store together. And, the rest is history. We have been working on the store for over a week and are about ready to open. Here is a sneak peak at the store:

Touss designs and creates beautiful bonfires and candles to light up your home.

Most of my products are in the new store including my line of vases and pictures. I have also added some Asian and Gothic themed items.

I have plants available including some new ones. If you like a certain pot and plant, I'll even make you a custom one. Just IM me.

Touss upgraded my fireplaces to include some scripted particles. He does such great work!

You'll find lots of baskets in lots of colors!

Come shop and have some fun. We have a Una table out back and beautiful seating around the ocean. Enjoy it!

To visit E&T Designs, CLICK HERE. (BelleStar 112, 224, 22)

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