Sunday, October 12, 2008

Haunted Houses

Last year I created a long list of Haunted Houses in SL. I went back to visit them and created this list for 2008. Unfortunately, some of last year's creations don't exist anymore, but new ones were also created. The list is in no particular order - discover your favorites. Keep in mind that I don't give you many details because you should enjoy the experience yourself. Enjoy! And, Happy Halloween!

Devils Labyrinth
Visit their website at This place has multiple outcomes depending on your choices.

To visit CLICK HERE. (Rivata 177, 177, 45)

Grim Orphanage
A very well planned out haunted orphanage. The narration as you move from place to place is spooky. The maze at the end was difficult, but I made it through without teleporting. :-)

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Sleepy Hollow 130, 144, 27)


The haunted house in Octoberville actually made me jump in front of my computer screen. It's another maze to get through. Explore the rest of Octoberville while you're there. Lots to see.

To visit CLICK HERE. (PixelTrix 161, 107, 22)

Cutting Class

Cutting Class was designed based on the creators' love of Survival Horror Video Games and Horror Films and is intended to scared you. At the teleport point, click the Saint Jude's sign to get information. You will need to collect clues and solve simple puzzles to get to the next levels.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Pulse 80, 225, 42)

Murder Mystery & Haunted House

This was a unique Halloween thriller. The teleport will take you to the store. Click on the television and get instructions to solve the murder mystery.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (The Raft 106, 83, 21)

DarkDharma Haunted Manor

Roam from room to room and see the gruesome sites unfold.

To visit CLICK HERE. (Benten 88, 222, 28)

Sinatra's Haunted House Spooky Ride

The ride costs $10L, but worth it. You get a free t-shirt at the end. Has some cool sound effects. Be sure to follow the instructions on the sign to start your ride.

To visit CLICK HERE. (Noyo 101, 150, 26)

SeaChel's Haunted house and Maze

It's a haunted house and a maze. Walk through the house to discover murder scenes. What does Maximillion Kleene, one of my favorite SL live singers, have to do with this house? Walk through the house to find out. Look for the TP in the house on the third floor to the Maze .

To visit, CLICK HERE. (SeaChel Barkadeer 110, 167, 22)

The Love Bugg Haunted House

Ride through this haunted house on a pumpkin car. The ride is a longer one.

To visit CLICK HERE. (Lovers Lagoon 189, 41, 23)

Bentham Manor

All the textures and effects made this haunted house take a while to rezz. It's worth the wait for some cool effects and spooky sounds. There is a seance table and a tarrot card reading table. My first surprise was before I even entered the house.

To visit CLICK HERE. (Sevenfold 197, 132, 170)

Halloween Maze
Once you find the maze, this is a good one. The teleport to the maze is in the store behind the stairs. Stand up after you tp. (My screen kept flashing until I did.) Then find the subway. Good luck!

To visit CLICK HERE. (Hong Kong Island 144, 83, 28)

Haunted Castle Ruins

The castle ruins are decorated very creepy. You can even have a haunted wedding. What amazed me the most about this place is that the castle ruins were created by my friend, Baron Grayson. I recognized it immediately. If you go down the hill and follow the path, you find the entrance to the maze.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Cirque Du Damne 192, 48, 39)

Trepid Station - Haunted Train Station

Explore this different type of haunted place. Start on the ground floor, where there is only an air of uneasiness. I actually caught myself thinking "is this it." As you progress up the tower the horror progresses. You'll get a note card with some details at the entrance.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Virtue 56, 28, 22)

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i cant find them on second life. it says information about this location is unavailable at this time. and it wont let me get there. i'm a 15 year old who cannot find the locations he wants please help.