Saturday, October 25, 2008

We're off to see the wizard...

Somewhere over the rainbow

Way up high,

There's a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby...

You can fly over the rainbow, too! Magic of Oz is a new sim in SL that just opening at the beginning of the month. Many builds on SL are fun, but after being around for a while and becoming a builder myself, it takes a great build to really "wow" me. Well, this was one! The talented builder Jenne Dibou created Magic of Oz.

The owner of the sim, Candy Cerveau, said that she just loved the books and the movie since she was a kid and wanted to do something different for her stores. You'll find that the beautiful "lands" house many stores. Most of them are already full.

When I arrived at the Oz, the Emerald City rezzed right in front of me. Tall, towering emerald gems flank the city. Make sure you let everything rezz before moving on or you might miss something. The yellow brick road will take you to the other areas of Oz.

Discover the twister that landed Dorothy in Oz. The house sits underneath. Put on your ruby slippers and sit on the pose ball to become the witch the house landed on.

The Scarecrow will greet you in the middle of the corn field. There is even another stand so you can keep him company in the field.

Munchkin Land is bright and colorful just like you would imagine it to be. The architecture is reminiscent of Whoville. Lots of curly cues and swooping lines.

The witches castle towers over Oz in it's gloomy magnificence. Although it's not an exact recreation of the castle in the movie, it definitely gives the grandeur of evil complete with flying monkeys.

See the grandeur of Magic of Oz for yourself.

To visit the Magic of Oz, CLICK HERE. (Magic of Oz 125, 145, 28)

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