Friday, September 26, 2008

Try Something Different - Splitsville

Want to try something different in SL? Get a friend or two together and head over to Splitsville. Splitsville is a new bowling and music club - for free!

When you rezz at Splitsville, a map of the area will be in front of you. To move from place to place, click on the signs. You will be teleported to that location. The bowling alley is directly behind the map with giant bowling pins and balls on both sides of the door.

When you click the door and enter, the grandeur of the building is immediately seen. Behind the waterfall sign is the shoe rental. Click on any of the shoes and receive a pair of classic bowling shoes. There are 8 bowling lanes. If they are full, don't fret. There are also 4 on the roof and 4 in the outdoor bowling pavilion. A glove, hud and instructions are available at every lane. Enjoy a free drink from the bar as you bowl a game.

Splitsville also showcases live music every Friday. Pool tables are also available for the small fee of L$1 per player.

Splitsville also has a large bowling pin shaped pool, a pro shop and the Splitsville Arena.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (InWorld Park 99, 174, 23)

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