Monday, September 1, 2008

A Wonderful Place to Be - Mouse World

Are you a Disney fan? Do you love the Disney parks? I've been a Disney fan for many years now. My friends and family associate me with Mickey. In fact, my desk at work has a beautiful computer Mickey desk set on it. So, my excitement rose when I heard there was a Disney tribute park being built in SL called Mouse World.

When you rezz in Mouse World, you should be on the platform of their monorail system. Of course, you are also given the rules of Mouse World which is basically that it is a family-friendly area.

Honda Enoch is doing a wonderful job creating a Disney type atmosphere in this tribute park. Mouse World is not complete but is already intriguing. Being a big Disney fan myself, I felt the ambiance as soon as I rezzed.

Mouse World has a haunted mansion under construction. It is slated to open in October - just in time for Halloween.

To visit Mouse World, CLICK HERE. (Black Pearl Beach 138, 7, 29)

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