Sunday, September 7, 2008

Puzzled about what to do next? Find a Maze!

The residents of SL have built some pretty good mazes. I thought I'd share with you a few that I have found. The experience is best if you use Mouselook view as you go through them.

Riverwalk Maze

The Riverwalk Maze was the first one I ever went through in SL. Riverwalk was my home when I was a newbie and didn't have a house. The maze is made up of stone and pillars. It took me a couple of tries, but I actually made it through! There isn't much cheating here as the maze is enclosed in a building. When you make it through the maze, walk through the rest of Riverwalk. It's beautiful!

To visit the Riverwalk Maze, CLICK HERE. (Europa 9, 25, 29)

Isle of Jade Maze

The Isle of Jade Maze is a small hedge maze. In the center of the maze is a rainbow. Isle of Jade is a romantic place with a ballroom to enjoy also.

To visit the Isle of Jade Maze, CLICK HERE (prodigiosus II 78, 131, 27)

Mr. B's Absurdly Ginormous Maze

Gotta love it! A maze with perks. This is a pretty big maze with 4 pit stop areas with freebies. There is also a special prize at the end. Mr. B's does post a rule... no cheating and no peeking as cheaters never prosper.

To visit Mr. B's Absurdly Ginormous Maze, CLICK HERE. (Zoom 218, 167, 601)

Caledon Maze

Caledon Maze is a simple hedge maze nestled around a store called Bastillion's Bazaar. Have some fun and do some shopping at the same time.

To visit the Caledon Hedge Maze, CLICK HERE. (Caledon II 119, 191, 23)

Boundless Island Maze

This maze looks like a beautiful hedge sculpture if you look at it from the bird's point of view. In the center of the maze is a large roaring bonfire. A nice place to chat with friends when all of you have made it through.

To visit Boundless Island Maze, CLICK HERE. (Boundless 159, 107, 30)

3D Maze

Interestingly enough, this maze didn't thrill me when I went to look at it. A big, black building, and it costs $10L for two hours of walking through the maze. Well, to my surprise, this maze is difficult. It's an all stone building with 3 floors. Unless you're really good with cameras you have to use Mouselook on this one as the ceilings aren't avie-camera friendly. But, I made it out the door... back at the front door... argh! I'll have to try again. To enter the maze, right click the land in front of the door and buy a pass.

To visit the 3D Maze, CLICK HERE. (Fourmile 93, 192, 144)

Devil's Labyrinth

A haunted house and maze in one. You choose your path in the maze. It has multiple outcomes. One of the best haunted places in SL. To find out more, visit their website at

To visit the Devil's Labyrinth, CLICK HERE. (Rivata 178, 175, 45)

Also, don't for get about the Jungle Fever Pyramid that I blogged about recently. Have fun!

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