Saturday, September 20, 2008

Play in the Park - Hyde Park, London, England

Take a stroll through the beautiful Hyde Park and have some fun along the way.

Hyde Park is surrounded in long walkways to stroll through. Stop along the way for some fun and cuddling.

A red boat house has a row boat you can use to paddle across the lake. Boxes with free paddles are available before entering the boat.

You'll also find a skydiving pod. Get your free terra e-chute at the box next to the pod. Find it in your inventory, and wear it. Once it's on, sit on one of the seats on the pod. A menu will pop up. Click start. The pod will take you to 4,000 feet and drop you. The terra e-chute will open when you get to around 75 feet. You can use your arrow keys to move around while floating back to the ground.

Near the skydiving pod, is a nice waterfall area. There are cuddle poses around it. So, bring your sweetie and enjoy the view while you chat. Down the road a bit, you'll also find a swimming area complete with free swimming anims. It even has a menu-driven diving board.

Also, around the park you'll find swings, gazebos, a conservatory, and a horse barn. Enjoy the views.

To visit, CLICK HERE (London England UK 223, 243, 24)

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