Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Puzzle of a Pyramid

Playing games inside SL can be fun. If you are a fan of Myst and Riven, you're going to like this one. Jungle Fever Pyramid is in the middle of a tropical setting, and it makes you use a little brain power to get through the pyramid.

When you arrive, let everything rezz around you before proceeding. At your feet you will find a clipboard with some expedition notes which are clues to get through the pyramid. Walk to the the top of the pyramid. The entrance is up there. Walk into the pyramid and start your expedition through the mazes of the pyramid.

Inside you will find obstacles to get through, clues that will help you, and puzzles to solve which will eventually get you out of the pyramid.

One hint... the ceilings are kind of low. Use mouselook or move your camera in a little towards your avie to see.

Have fun! Let me know if you solve everything and make it through.

To visit the Jungle Fever Pyramid, CLICK HERE. (Reasonable Desires 95, 128, 27)

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