Friday, November 14, 2008

Interesting Build to Walk Around - Sick

It just seems so appropriate that I find an area in SL called Sick during a week that my RL avie has been so sick. LOL. Sick is made up of 4 sims in SL including S.I.C49. It is a futuristic city that is truly amazing. I have some picks here, but they really don't do the sim justice. You have to see it for yourself! From what I have read, these sims have been created for the setting of an original movie.

Sick isn't the most interactive build in SL, but it is intriguing to walk around. One of the most fascinating builds I have ever seen. The city parts of the build remind me a bit of Blade Runner. There is some shopping themed with the area. I noticed a few weapons stores for those that like to role play. The sims are Japanese owned so most of the signs and information is displayed in Japanese.

Flying is turned off in these sims. I got myself totally lost exploring the sims which I think is a big part of exploring. Even though I didn't encounter much, I read that there are some surprises along the way like manhole covers that explode when you walk over them. I'll have to do some more exploring and check it out.

Take some time and get yourself lost in Sick.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (sick 217, 123, 28)

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