Sunday, December 21, 2008

The sounds of Christmas... streaming music on your land

Have you been hearing that wonderful Christmas music being played throughout SL? Want to find URLs to stream holiday music (or any music) on your land? You can get a URL for any SHOUTcast radio station. Here are the directions: (NOTE: You need to have permissions to set media on the land in order to change the URL.)

1. Go to

2. Search for a station you would like.

3. Right click on Tune In button.

4. Choose Save Link As.

5. A Save As dialog box will open allowing you to choose the location to save the file on your computer. Find the location and click Save.

6. Find the file and open it. It will open in Notepad.

7. The URL will be listed in the text. Select it and copy it (CTRL + C).

8. In Second Life make sure you are on your land. On the menu bar at the top of the screen, click on the name of the land.

9. Click on the Media tab.

10. Click on the Music URL box. If something it already in it, select the text.

11. Paste the URL into the box (CTRL + V).

12. Hit Enter.

13. Close the box.

14. Turn your music on at the bottom of the screen and listen to make sure the station changed.

Here is a short list of music URLs I already found:

Mix Christmas:

Big R Radio - Christmas Country:

Christmas R&B:

Christmas Smooth Jazz:

Christmas Celebration:

Christmas Rock:

Santa's HOHOHO Radio' from Time Capsule Radio:

Christmas Old Time Radio - CHRISTMAS SHOWS, Jack Benny, The Shadow, Amos and Andy:

Forever Christmas - Christmas Never Sounded So Good:

Tinsel & Tunes by Mak McKeehan:


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