Sunday, June 3, 2007

Purple Rose Jewelry & More

NOTE: When visiting Purple Rose Jewelry & More on 6/7/2007, the store had be reorganized. All of the jewelry is now on the main floor with men's to the right. The jewelry is still in categories to aid in locating items. Non-jewelry items like hair and makeover packages are on the second level.

Most girls like "bling." So, it's not surprising that within the first week of my Second Life I discovered a really great jewelry store, Purple Rose Jewelry & More. Purple Rose is in Babeli and owned by Storm Babeli. Storm does a great job of encompassing almost everything in jewelry one would need (or want).

The women's section of Purple Rose has three floors. You will find the new items and prize chair on the first floor. The prize chair is tucked behind the staircase. Also by the prize chair is a sign that states... "Like this place? Add us to your picks for a free entry into our weekly prize draw." Follow the directions, and you have a chance at winning $1000 Gift Certificate at Purple Rose. It works, too! I won the first time I visited the store.

The jewelry is well categorized for easy shopping. Some of the categories you'll find are:
Belly Jewelry
Head Bands & Arm Bands
Bracelets & Watches
Birthstone Sets
No Bling Items
Legends Collection

Featured sets are posted all along the middle area of the store around the staircase. A lot of these sets are absolutely gorgeous. You'll also find a few tiaras included in sets, so you can look like the princess that you are.

Purple Rose also has some great things other than jewelry. A pair of my favorite shoes were purchased here. The shoes have the ability to change color, so I can coordinate them with almost any outfit I own. You'll also find tatoos, body types, makeover packages, and hair. The makeover packages include things like a body shape, jewelry, shoes, contact and an outfit all in one package. I think it's a great idea especially for newbies to change their look while they are still "learning the ropes."

In most places in SL, I think that men get overlooked. Sometimes it's more difficult for men to find accessories. However, Purple Rose has a two-floor building dedicated to men. On the men's side you'll find:

Spikes & Piercings
Flag Necklaces

As a last note, if you have found that "special someone" in Second Life, Purple Rose also has bridal sets to meet that need.

To visit Purple Roase Jewelry & More CLICK HERE. (Babeli 141,186,23)

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