Friday, June 8, 2007

Svarga... A Virtual Ecosystem

On the surface, Svarga is a beautiful place full of mountains, waterfalls, trees, lush plant life, winding paths, fountains and lots of places to explore.

When you arrive at Svarga, you appear in a gazebo-like structure. When you walk down the stairs, out of the gazebo a tour vehicle will be waiting. The vehicle flies you over Svarga and gives you a first-hand look at what the island has to offer. At the end of the tour, your vehicle returns you to the gazebo. A pyramid teleport is on the railing of the gazebo that will transport you to the store in the center of the island.

In the center of the main island is a huge temple-like structure. It towers high into the sky with large spires and connecting walkways. The store is located on the main level of the structure. The store includes things like sunglasses, particle puffs, garden items, fountains, and sky domes.

Outside the door is a call button for an AmbiPod. Click the button and after a few seconds a vehicle will show up in the doorway. Sit in the AmbiPod and click. It will transport you to a space-like sensory light show. When you sit on the ground, your avie lies down on the floating carpet of purple and blue lights. If you go into mouselook mode, you can watch the mesmerizing light show unfold before you. When you are ready to leave, there is another call button for the AmbiPod.

Svarga has many other places to explore, too. There is a large relic looking structure on the grounds. It's nice place to explore or just sit and chat with someone. A building on the grounds houses musical instruments. You can get a few friends together and musically experiment. There is a beautiful field in Svarga full of lavender or violets. In the center of the field are large mushrooms and as you step into the field, the flowers start to spring up all around you. While exploring, I even fell (yes, literally fell) into an underground cave furnished with a couch and chair.

Throughout Svarga you can buy bird seed and feed the birds. When you throw the seed down, the birds come and eat your seeds. It only costs L$1.

Beneath the surface, Svarga is a fully functioning virtual ecosystem. In other words, the system behaves as if it was alive. The clouds blow in the virtual winds. The plant life soaks up water from the rain the clouds provide. The sun gives energy for the plant life to grow. The bees distribute pollen. When pollinated the plants drop seeds. Areas are designated as conditions such as shady or wet. Laukosargas Svarog built the system to be all interdependent.

To visit Svarga, CLICK HERE. (Svarga 7,124,22)


anama said...

Svarga is gone now. (:

anama said...

Svarga is gone now. (: