Monday, May 28, 2007

Amusement Parks

Trying to find places to visit in SL can be fun. Even though the search function can challenging at times, it also can be helpful. Think about the things that you like to do in RL or would want to do in RL. Just type it in. That is exactly how I discovered amusement parks in SL. I just typed in "amusement park."

I have visited a few amusement parks in SL. One stands out in my mind, Prim Hearts. When arriving at Prim Hearts, you are on a transparent teleport hub over the water. To enter Prim Hearts, exit the platform, cross over the small parking lot, and enter under the large entrance arch. The Info Center will be on your left; however, Sarg Bjornson currently gives you a note card promising more information cards and an interactive map HUD soon. The entrance area also contains a picnic area where you can sit an talk with friends.

As you get to the fountain, your journey around the park begins as you decide to go to the right or left. The park is basically created in a big circle, so when you have made it all around the park, you will be right back at the fountain.

Some of the rides you will find at the park include:

Log Flume
Bumper Cars
Mine Lift
Swinging Ship
Combat Submarines
Freefall tower
Full Inverter Swinging Ship
Spin n' Puke

Not included on the list is a roller coaster that twists and turns and rolls you upside down. (I couldn't locate the name of the ride.) Some of the rides that swing you up and down, like the roller coaster and the Full Inverter Swinging Ship, even give you a bit of a buzz looking at the ride virtually. Well, at least it did with me and my motion sickness issues. *laf* Most of the rides are meant to work with you and a friend or more. You all board the ride. Then, someone can activate the ride.

At the entrance of the ride, is a marquee with the name of the ride. Below it are signs to click for more information and the cost of the ride. Prim Hearts also sells the rides. If you are there to ride the rides, don't let these signs bother you. Riding the rides is totally free. However, if you are going to build an amusement park or want to add a ride to another location, the rides at Prim Hearts are very good.

There are also a couple of "games" to play around the park, RC Boats and and an Indy-type racing game. You sit and control the miniature boats or cars around the track. These I have definitely not mastered yet. I need more practice.

To visit Prim Hearts, CLICK HERE. (Prim Hearts 56,143,27)

However, it would not be fair if I didn't mention the two other amusement parks that I frequent, Djorkland Amusements and Encogia Park. They have some rides similar to Prim Hearts, but also have some things that gives them their own individuality.

The areas at Djorkland Amusements that quickly come to mind are the games area and the roadside attractions area. The games area has air hockey, Sim Invaders, Boogie, Promenade Breakout, Meteor Storm pinball, Skee Ball, and a roulette table. The roadside attractions area has odd things you would see on the roadsides traveling like the Giant Potato, Giant Ball of Twine, and The Pencil Tree. To visit Djorkland Amusements, CLICK HERE. (Djork 240,202,24)

Some of the unique rides at Encogia Park are a ferris wheel, water slide, sky lift, and carousel. The area also has a dance floor and beach. The area has some nice, long straight roads too. I tried out my roller skates for the first time at Encogia. The roads made it easy to practice the tricks. To visit Encogia Park, CLICK HERE. (Encogia 136,158,23)

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bluemoon2007 said...

Wow! I never thought of going to an amusement park in Second Life. I certainly will now, it sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing!
Carlotta Checchinato