Thursday, May 17, 2007

Riverwalk Cliffhouse Arts and Attractions

If you haven't discovered Riverwalk yet, you are missing something very special! At first glance, one might think that Riverwalk is a nice art park. Well, it is. Strolling through the beautiful landscape and looking at the wonderful art pieces at every turn is an adventure in itself. The area if full of creative pictures and sculptures.

The teleport into Riverwalk takes you to a terraced cafe area. A bar area is on the same level as the teleport point. You can add a glass of wine or a rum and coke to your inventory at the bar. Use the bar area as a place to sit and talk to a couple of friends. While you are around the bar area, pick up a note card on Riverwalk to help you with your tour.

The lower level of the terrace area has a couple of cafe tables. This is a nice place to let your avie "eat" while you chat with a good friend or a date. The terrace area is a good place to sit and watch the fireworks nightly after dusk.

One of the first surprising things I found here is a maze. The Riverwalk Maze is a stone building with stone pillars inside that create a maze to walk through. Okay, I have to admit it. I did not make it through the maze on my first attempt. When I made it through on my second attempt, the accomplishment was just much sweeter.

The swans on the river are available for rent to take a ride. Invite a friend and take a tour via the river. I suggest that one reads the instructions that are given to you about riding the swans. It does make using the swans much easier. I learned the hard way.

You'll never know what you discover here. While walking through one of the multi-level structures, I discovered a chess set.

At the end of Riverwalk near the dam is a carnival swing with a popcorn machine and a fortune teller machine near by. Sit on a swing and click in the white/ivory portion of the ride's center to begin and end the ride. I got dizzy riding it virtually. However, it was very fun.

One of Riverwalk's newer attractions is a water slide. The water slide is on the opposite side of the river from the terrace area. It towers into the sky. To get to the top of the water slide, you need to fly. Once at the top, it will cost you a couple of Lindens to ride the slide. It is a fun adventure. When done, your avie will walk on water to get to land again.

There are many other sites to see at Riverwalk including all the beautiful scenery. Go take a stroll around by yourself or with a friend. To visit Riverwalk CLICK HERE (Ganymede 142,228,60).


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