Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sexy & Classy in Second Life

Right after I left Help Island back in March, I looked for a clothing store. I wanted to set myself apart from the other new avies. Afterall, I am a girl, and we want to be seen for our individual beauty. Since I'm a computer teacher, I resorted to Google which led me to a blog on shopping in SL.

I found a store called Vitamin Ci. Vitamin Ci is a store owned by Ciera Bergman in Hefferoo. I still shop there today. I love the sexy and classy outfits Ciera sells. Clothes range from dresses, skirts, tops, pants, and bikinis to mens and maternity clothing. Right in the middle of the main floor is a display that keeps us up to date on what is new.

My first shopping experience as a newbie was a good one. I even won a dress on the prize chair.

To visit Vitamin Ci CLICK HERE (Hefferoo 155,168,28).

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