Friday, May 18, 2007

The Bantam Dell Book Shop & Cafe

While still on Help Island, I met an avie that was delving into Second Life just to attend a live event with author Dean Koontz. Although I do read, I'll have to admit that I had not read anything by Mr. Koontz. I just prefer a different style of read. However, I have to admit the the idea of "meeting" a famous author through SL intrigued me.

The day before the event my newly found friend sent me a teleport to meet him at The Bantam Dell Book Shop & Cafe. He was very excited to have found the location of the event. We looked around and agreed that we would meet there for the event the next day. Luckily, I logged on SL 30 minutes before the event because the region filled to capacity. It took me a good portion of that time, as a newbie, to maneuver around the room to find my friend.

I was intrigued seeing Dean Koontz's avie and hearing him read a section of his upcoming book, The Good Guy, and answer questions. Even though I haven't read any books by Mr. Koontz, I was surprised to find we had some common ground - we both have golden retrievers. (Yep, has nothing to do with books.) He answered a couple of questions about his beloved Trixie.

So, what is the morale of the story? Whether you love to read or just want to experience a unique event, visit The Bantam Dell Book Shop & Cafe. You can sample books, have a coffee, sit and talk with friends, attend author events, participate in book discussions and listen to seminars. Join their group to receive information about events. CLICK HERE to visit The Bantam Dell Book Shop & Cafe (Sheep Island 123,28,25).

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