Monday, January 5, 2009

Burlesque - Spice up your New Year!

I'm feeling a bit adventurous in the New Year. I was looking for masks for a masked ball this weekend and kept running into Burlesque outfits. Although a bit skimpy, some of them are quite beautiful as well. So, here it is ladies.... a few places to find Burlesque outfits in SL.

Reasonable Desires

To visit Reasonable Desires, CLICK HERE. (Reasonable Desires 132, 205, 27)

(Burlesque and Show Girl)

To visit Mika, CLICK HERE. (Venus 190, 230, 27)

OPIUM Addictive Fashion

To visit Opium, CLICK HERE. (Celerio 42, 151, 46)

Paeoti doesn't name her clothing lines Burlesque, but I love her elegant, sexy outfits. I would call some of them Burlesque. :-)

To visit Nymphetamine, CLICK HERE. (Isle of Nymphetamine 138, 154, 24)

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