Friday, June 19, 2009

Who would I want to be?

A question was posed on a blog this week during the challenge asking if you could be anyone in SL for the day, who would it be? Well, that question took some thought. First I thought of some Lindens. Then decided that if they do come in world they are probably bombarded with ims and questions. Next, I thought of people in SL making money. But, I realized I love to have fun in SL as much as I love to work with my business.

Finally, I came up with an answer... Gavin. Gavin and I have been friends in SL for almost 2 years. Gav and I have similar views on things and talk to each other almost every day.

Gavin is the former manager of Kim Seifert and currently works with Shantu Selene. Gav knows so many people in SL music because of his work with artists. He knows many venue owners, live artists, and fans.

I'd love to experience the relationships with all the wonderful people that Gavin knows just for one day.

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