Monday, June 15, 2009

Friendship Beyond the Edges of the Worlds

Two years ago when I was a newbie in SL, I would explore a lot. Typing a word, any word, in the search box then teleporting to a new location would fill part of my time. I loved talking with people and learning everyday. The other part of my time would be spent at the occassional live music events.

There was one live artist that I really liked. Kim Seifert has powerful voice and mainly sings country, but I also loved her jazzy tunes. Kim quickly became my favorite SL live artist.

My blog had just began. I did a blog posting about Kim and caught her attention.

I'm not sure exactly when our friendship really began. Perhaps it when she said she was moving within a 3 hour drive of where I live. Kim and I met for lunch one day, and it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Kim and I are friends in both worlds now. We still live about 3 hours apart, but when you have a friend you really like, a 3-hour dive is a great way to spend the day. Kim has a lovely family who welcomed me with open arms just as Kim did. I love spending time with them whether it's just sitting and talking, playing a game or cooking dinner.

I'm amazed at the possibilities that Second Life and the Internet brings to our lives everyday. Years ago I would have never dreamed that a virtual world would have brought such a special friend into my real world.


Alicia Chenaux said...

It's really amazing how SL can bring together so many people from so many walks of life and different areas. My 2 best friends in SL are both in Oregon, a place I never ever considered visiting... but the call of the Pacific Northwest has been coming lately.

Does Kim still perform in SL? I've only very recently started going to live shows, but I'm starting to really enjoy them!

Effie said...
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Effie said...

Alicia, isn't it amazing how the Internet has made the world smaller? Kim is still performing and even has learned to play the guitar for her accompaniment.

There is a live event at my castle on Friday. You're more than welcome.