Thursday, June 18, 2009

Darkness, A Moon, Music and Me

As I look back on my numerous times in SL, I specifically remember one night. I went to the building of a SL company that I was associated with. I was relatively new. No one was around.

I looked up and saw the incredible SL moon. I went to the top of the 4-story building and just watched the moon move across the sky. It was me, the darkness, the moon, and the soothing jazz music playing.

As I ponder how our real life avie moods affect what we do and how we interact in SL, I remember that night. Perhaps my RL avie just needed to relax and ponder. Perhaps I was just mesmerized by the first time I saw a moon in SL.

Even more amazing, the picture in this posting is really of that night. Notice I had red hair back then. :-) It's amazing what we have in our inventories.

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