Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blue Galaxy - Convergence of Nature & Space Age

I love great builds in Second Life. The talent and imagination that goes into a great build is tremendous. I found another of these great builds... Blue Galaxy.

When I first teleported in, I was surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape. Towering mushroom type trees; tall, spiked grass patches; and boulders adorn the ground covered with green foliage and sandy patches. The rich, earthy colors and great textures make the landscape a feast for the eyes.

As I continued to look around, I noticed the very modern, space design elements speckled through out the nature. The sleek looking oasis areas look right at home admist the natural beauty. In the modern build areas you'll find places to sit and chat with friends, as well as appropriately themed stores.

What makes a good build excel to greatness is the detail. Ash Soyinka did this well. You see the element of detail in many ways such as the walkways that light up as your avatar walks across each section and the detail in the graphic design elements.

Blue Galaxy is one of the places you need to explore for yourself to see the beauty that pictures just cannot capture.

To visit Blue Galaxy, CLICK HERE. (Blue Galaxy 175, 113, 29)

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