Saturday, February 23, 2008

Add Water to Your SL - Blue Water

Blue Water has been one of my favorite stores in SL for such a long time that I don't even remember how I found it. Yes, it is a store, but it is also more. Blue Water is a giant tiki hut in a beautiful beach environment.

Blue Water's feature product is their huge line of aquariums. Aquariums range from a small floor model with 8 prims and 1 fish (your choice of fish) to large elaborate models that span an entire wall. Blue Water also has the unusual and exotic like a large round shark tank.

There are many choices for aquariums that would sit up against a wall... half-round, rectangular, 3-sided, wood, marble, iron, and even built in video screens! To customize the aquarium, different background scenes are also available for purchase.

Many different styles are also available for free-standing aquariums... round-globe, half-round, square, tall, short, etc.

Standalone aquariums are not the only aquariums you'll find at Blue Water. You'll find aquariums built into other things such as furniture, bars, a dance floor, and even a stage. I, personally, love the bars with the bright neon surrounding a fish-filled aquarium background.

Blue Water is my favorite place in SL to buy picture frames. A large wall is overflowing with all kinds of different picture frames... gold, silver, wood, metal, dark, light, ornate, plain. My favorites are the one's that you drag and drop your picture into... one prim, drag, drop and done.

There is so much more to see and buy here. Blue Water has a large line of bicycles, art work, sharks you can ride, an audio/visual store, stage equipment, fountains, conference tables, office furniture, dining tables, living room furniture, and much more.

When you visit Blue Water, take a tour of the store on the trains. They circle the store. The best part is that it also take you underground through some caverns or through a tunnel under the lake that lets you view the undersea wildlife.

Michael Kolache, owner of Blue Water, also does custom orders. He has done a few custom items for me. He is great to work with.

To visit Blue Water, CLICK HERE. (Munro 37, 188, 152)

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