Monday, February 11, 2008

Date Night at the Movies

Want someplace to take your sweetheart for Valentine's Day? SL has some great movie theaters to take your sweetie. Here are a few I found to be pretty good.

Inspire Beach Park

Inspire Beach Park has a Drive-In Theater with 50s style cars. When I visited, the drive-in was playing an old sci-fi movie.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Shinda 102, 188, 26)

SS Galaxy Movie Theather

The movie theater in the SS Galaxy luxury cruise ship is located in the AFT section of this 3-sim build. Different movies are showing all the time. Check the Galaxy Weekly for the current movie. Copies are available throughout the ship. If you would like to make a request, a guest book is located at the entrance of the theater.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Galaxy AFT 127, 16, 44)

Paradise Movie Theather

Nice movie theater. When I visited, the movie choices were the Three Stooges, Laurel & Hardy, Night of the Living Dead, and The Strangerhood. You click on one of the DVD players in the back to make a selection. Read the warnings. If you change or stop a movie, it changes for everyone in the theater.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Sand 110, 200, 152)

Second Cinema

This theater has a new movie every week. When you TP, you need to use the teleporter below the big sign that says "Truth in Science Observatory and Second Cinema." It may take a moment for you to completely rez to use the teleporter. Click the pad. When you see a blue beam, right click on the beam and choose teleport.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Egret Island 64, 197, 700)

Tack On Time Movie Theater

This theater has 12 theaters showing 12 different movies at once. The movies are more recent movies. When I went by, movies like Transformers and Borne Ultimatum were being shown. However, this theater does charge. The minimum is $250L for 4 hours. Everything seemed to work fine when I attended, and the movie was good!

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Oriental Express 192, 32, 22)

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