Sunday, February 17, 2008

Go on a Safari in Africa

Africa takes a step out of the ordinary for garden sims in SL. The landscape is dotted with exotic trees and plants with plenty of animals roaming.

When you arrive, take a balloon tour of Africa. Just off the welcome area is a tree stump you click on to rez a balloon tour. You have a choice to take a tour for 2 (the cuddle tour) or a tour for 8. The balloon gives you a slow, nice-paced tour of the sim mostly to enjoy the sights.

You'll pass over different environmental areas of Africa including lush green areas with a river and waterfall and a barren dessert. The areas show you the diversity in the African landscapes.

After the balloon ride, take a walk through Africa to get a close up view of the different animals and hear the environmental sounds along the way. Only in SL could you walk up to a lion and not worry about being eaten. :-) A lot of animals gather around the waterhole where they would in RL.

The sim also includes an entertainment area. Concerts are heard here mostly to acquire money for charity - to fight poverty and AIDS in Africa. My favorite SL artist, and the Best of SL Live winner this year, Kim Seifert recently had a concert here.

The welcome area also gives you teleports to the Eden Art Gallery and the Auction Area. They are located on sky platforms above Africa. The auction proceeds also go to support fighting poverty and AIDS in Africa.

To visit Africa, CLICK HERE. (Africa 193, 137, 27)

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