Monday, March 3, 2008

New Location, New Look for Effie's

I've spent the last week moving Effie's. Yes, I've shortened the name from Effie's Epicurious Emporium to just Effie's. The old name was quite a mouthful. The store is much bigger and in a beautiful new plaza called Sungold Mall.

Effie's look has gone a little more modern and tropical. You'll still find great RL recipes and SL decor for your home.

You'll find some new things, too. First, and most noticeable, you'll find some rezzing vendors. To cut down on prims, I put vendors in for the rugs, gift boxes, and flowers & plants. Use the arrows to scroll through the items. The vendors also have a gift feature. You buy something and have it sent to another avie... very cool feature.

The line of rugs has been expanded. It also includes some tropical patterns. The rugs are also modifiable now so that you can make them the size that you need. The rugs are located in one of the new rezzing vendors.

The line of flowers has been expanded to include some tropical plants. The larger plants rezz to the side of the vendor.

Of course, you'll also find Easter goodies. There are gift boxes for Easter. Some of them are eggs in beautiful colored jewel tones. I also have an ultimate Easter basket that includes items like a flower pot, cookie jar and eggs.

Part of the store is a cafe. You'll find the free coffee and cookies in the cafe. It over looks a small, hidden garden in the plaza. I'm very impressed with this new plaza from Cascadia Properties.

Please visit Effie's and do some shopping. Then sit and relax in the cafe, enjoy the view, and savor the cookies and coffee.

To visit Effie's, CLICK HERE. (Electra 94, 228, 85)

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