Wednesday, May 6, 2009

See the Beauty Before It's Gone - The Nameless Isle

The Nameless Isle is another grand creation of Baron Grayson. The depth and creativity should be no surprise for someone who has seen Baron's work before.

The sim itself is far from flat. There are tall cliffs and hills surrounding lagoons at water level.

I can't say enough about the brilliant textures Baron uses on his sims. Sit and watch the waves lapping upon the shoreline. Walk through the rain and the flowers in the hills. Watch the dandelion seeds blow through the air. The realism is uncanny.

The light effects is also amazing. From the purple hues on the hills above to the blue hues in the lagoons to the combination of hues in the sky, it's breathtaking.

You have to see this sim for yourself. Take some time to explore it. But, don't forget to take pictures for two reasons: 1) The Nameless Isle makes a beautiful backdrop for pictures of your avie, and 2) The Namless Isle won't be around for much longer.

To visit The Nameless Isle, CLICK HERE. (The Nameless Isle 216, 221, 228)

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